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Oral fertility medications make pregnancy possible by helping women ovulate

When a woman is struggling to conceive due to difficulties with ovulation, oral fertility medications may be able to help. The experienced doctors at our Las Vegas fertility center may prescribe these medications for ovarian stimulation if a woman does not ovulate regularly or at all (ovulatory dysfunction).

One of the most common fertility medications is clomiphene citrate, which is also known as Clomid™. Another medication option for ovarian stimulation is Letrozole (Femara™).

Exploring oral fertility medications – Treatment with Clomid

Before beginning oral fertility medications, the woman will come to our Las Vegas fertility center early in her menstrual cycle for a baseline ultrasound. If there are no large cysts on her ovaries, she can begin taking Clomid. Most patients who take Clomid will start by taking one pill every day for five days.

Five to seven days after the woman takes her last Clomid tablet, she will return to the clinic for another ultrasound to determine her response to the medication. Our team will look at the number and size of her developing follicles and measure the thickness of her uterine lining.

If the woman has a large “preovulatory” follicle, she will receive instructions on when to use an ovulation kit or administer a trigger shot. She will then either proceed with timed intercourse or intrauterine insemination (IUI), depending on her treatment plan.

Femara can provide another option for ovarian stimulation

When reviewing oral fertility medications, our Las Vegas fertility center may recommend Femara to some patients instead of Clomid. Two specific groups may benefit from this medication.

Patients with PCOS who take Clomid or Femara will usually ovulate. However, one large study found that Femara was associated with higher ovulation and live birth rates than Clomid in women with PCOS.

Before selecting an oral fertility medication for you, your doctor will review your medical history, diagnostic testing and family-building goals. Together, you will decide which treatment is right for you.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn how oral fertility medications may be able to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.