The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

For nearly 30 years, the Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) has flourished into an international leader in reproductive medicine and research with high success rates, advancements in the science of infertility, and a commitment to helping families grow. It is dedicated to giving the gift of parenthood to families. We are one of the leading fertility centers in the world and have helped create families by providing the most advanced fertility treatments available today.

As southern Nevada’s first fertility clinic, the Fertility Center of Las Vegas prides itself on stability and longevity as our greatest strengths. We focus on research, safety, experience, and convenience to identify our brand, not wavering from these ideals as we grow in all directions. These years of experience and research have led to breakthroughs in the treatment of infertility, offering patients the latest in medical advancements for the highest fertility success rates in the USA and the world.

Founded in 1988 by Dr. Bruce Shapiro, MD, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading experts in reproductive medicine and Award-winning researcher, FCLV was the first infertility practice to open in southern Nevada. Dr. Shapiro’s life work has been dedicated to safer and more effective fertility treatments. FCLV has been called an Oasis for Hope, offering dedication, strength, knowledge, and compassion to all our patients, yielding our facility as a prime destination for infertility treatment and solutions.

Dr. Shapiro built the Fertility Center of Las Vegas with specific descriptors – sincerity, dedication, compassion, determination, and generosity – that are reflected in every piece of the FCLV experience and its brand. Most importantly in our recognizable logo created in 2018. This logo represents a modernized visual identity that reflects the considerable growth the Fertility Center of Las Vegas has experienced in the last decade. While a pioneer in infertility with continued high success rates, FCLV’s brand represents our ongoing commitment to providing the most advanced fertility treatments available today with state-of-the-art science, technology, and research.  

In keeping with the principles of The Fertility Center and carrying that directly into this logo which is an abstract, contemporary illustration of a body of water surrounded by mountains – an Oasis of Hope – where the Fertility Center of Las Vegas is a destination for treatment. Oasis is defined as something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change that we strive to be for our patients. Our clients recognize the logo, knowing our talented group of experts has aimed to ensure they feel the power of its meaning with every interaction they have with our team as they work to give the gift of parenthood.

With that success, we have the same directives as we held in our beginnings in 1988. A clear, concise message, consistent with our core values will be a solid foundation as we expand and reach new goals. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas matches the characteristics of Dr. Shapiro’s original practice – sincerity, dedication, compassion, determination, and generosity – solidifying FCLV as an infertility legacy.

FCLV’s world-renowned practice grew from one fertility doctor in 1988 to three in 2023, recently adding the region’s first and second female board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, Dr. Carrie Bedient, MD, and Dr. Leah Kaye, MD to our family. This growth made it clear that the team needed to move on from our original location at 8851 W. Sahara Avenue and started building a new facility in 2021.

As of June 1, 2023, the Fertility Center of Las Vegas will be settled into a new location — 5365 S. Durango Drive — at the intersection of West Hacienda Avenue and South Durango Drive. The short move will feature an 18,500-square-foot facility, which is part of a 4.5-acre commercial property. It will include a state-of-the-art fertility clinic, laboratory, and ambulatory surgery center, all custom-designed to put patient safety, comfort, and convenience at the forefront with the same commitment to all patients.

While moving forward in new territory, we will strive to increase our success rates as we learn and grow, and support our clients with the same compassion, warmth, and dedication our team has always had with every client. Our brand signifying our Oasis for Hope will continue to mirror all that we have stood for since our first baby was born decades ago. Extensive reproductive medicine expertise and an unwavering commitment to research are always at the Fertility Center of Las Vegas core.