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Fertility testing before egg freezing can help make fertility preservation a success

Women have a so-called biological clock, which means that female fertility decreases with age. This is a big reason more women are exploring egg freezing to delay motherhood until they feel ready. However, more than just your age dictates your biological clock. Each woman is different, so some women experience an age-related fertility decline earlier or later than others. As a result, our Las Vegas egg freezing experts always order fertility testing before egg freezing.

Fertility bloodwork and ultrasounds are the main types of testing

Because you’re born with all the eggs you will ever have, you have fewer eggs as you get older. Most women reach peak fertility in their 20s and early-30s. However, every woman’s biological clock ticks at a different speed. This means you could have the expected number of eggs for someone your age. You could also have more or less than another woman your age. Fertility testing before egg freezing can give you and your doctor an idea of where you are on your fertility timeline.

If you’re exploring egg freezing, our Las Vegas egg freezing experts will order a few tests. The first is fertility bloodwork that measures your levels of certain reproductive hormones.

An elevated AMH level suggests that you have a good egg supply. However, a high FSH level suggests that you have fewer eggs remaining in your ovaries. As for your estradiol level, it helps your doctor interpret your FSH result.

In addition to fertility bloodwork, your doctor will also order a transvaginal ultrasound. This type of fertility testing before egg freezing allows your doctor to view your uterus and ovaries. It also lets our team do an antral follicle count. This refers to how many egg-containing follicles are on your ovaries, which is a good indication of your egg supply.

Armed with your test results, our Las Vegas egg freezing specialists can customize your ovarian stimulation medication protocol. Doing so can improve your odds of safely producing multiple eggs to freeze and use for future pregnancy attempts.

It’s easy to schedule fertility testing before egg freezing

If you know you want to freeze your eggs, or you’re just thinking about it, our Las Vegas egg freezing specialists recommend scheduling an appointment. Having fertility bloodwork and an ultrasound can provide the information you need to decide whether you can wait to freeze or you should do it sooner.

You can start your egg freezing journey now by contacting us to schedule an appointment. Our team is here to answer all your egg freezing questions and help you get started.