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Stay focused on the future with adolescent fertility preservation

No parent wants to learn that their child has cancer. After receiving this diagnosis, your head is spinning, as you start thinking about how to fight and overcome this illness. Cancer treatments today are more effective than ever before, allowing children and teenagers to recover and go on to live healthy lives. However, these same treatments can also damage fertility. Thankfully, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) offers adolescent fertility preservation.

Who can benefit from fertility preservation for teens?

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are life-saving cancer treatments. However, they can also damage fertility in both males and females. An oncology team can take measures to protect a teenager’s fertility, like shielding the genital and pelvic regions during radiation. However, the best way to protect a teen’s fertility is to preserve their eggs, sperm or reproductive tissue before beginning cancer treatment.

In addition to cancer treatment, fertility preservation for teenagers at our Las Vegas fertility clinic can be a great option in the following situations.

  • Adolescents undergoing treatment for certain autoimmune conditions
  • Transgender teenagers who are preparing to take medications as part of their transition

What are the options for adolescent fertility preservation?

The field of reproductive medicine has advanced greatly over the last few decades. Our Las Vegas fertility clinic can offer more options for adolescent fertility preservation than ever before.

  • Boys who have gone through puberty can pursue sperm freezing. This will involve providing one or more semen samples, which our andrologists will wash, prepare and freeze for future use.
  • Girls who have had their first period can undergo egg freezing. The patient will take medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs. She will then undergo a quick, outpatient egg retrieval procedure. Our embryologists will freeze these eggs.
  • Testicular and ovarian tissue freezing are experimental procedures that show promise as new ways to preserve fertility in children and teenagers.

It is typically best to begin fertility preservation for teenagers before starting cancer treatment. However, some patients still see good results if they pursue preservation during or after their treatment.

We can expedite the treatment process

If your child has a cancer diagnosis, contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about fertility preservation. Our Las Vegas fertility clinic realizes that time is of the essence when it comes to a cancer diagnosis, so we can expedite adolescent fertility preservation. Just let our team know about your child’s diagnosis when you first call our office.