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Understanding reproductive immunology

Most people think the immune system’s job is to ward off infection and keep you healthy. But you might be surprised to learn the immune system can also play a role in fertility. Reproductive immunology is a field of medicine that studies how the immune system and reproductive system interact. By exploring the relationship between the immune system and pregnancy, our Las Vegas fertility physicians can help solve the mystery of infertility for many couples.

Our fertility specialists are keenly aware that this area of study is gaining attention, with continuing scientific advances in understanding the immune system’s important role in pregnancy.

Decoding the role of the immune system and pregnancy

For all that is understood about fertility, one of the mysteries is how a mother’s immune system manages the support of an embryo, which essentially could be seen as an “invader” with foreign genetic material. Research is ongoing in the field of reproductive immunology to better understand the vital relationship between the immune system and pregnancy.

To make the best family-building plan, our Las Vegas fertility physicians consider possible physical causes of infertility, as well as healthy lifestyle choices. Nutrition and the immune system are interlinked, and recent research suggests that anti-inflammatory diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, can provide immune system benefits by reducing inflammation.

There are instances in which reproductive immunology testing may be needed to diagnose, understand and treat causes of infertility in select patients.

  • Women younger than 35 experiencing three miscarriages or IVF failures
  • Women older than 35 experiencing two miscarriages or IVF failures
  • Those with unexplained infertility
  • Women whose fertilized egg implants in the uterine lining, but doesn’t develop into an embryo (blighted ovum)
  • Pregnancy with abnormal fetal growth
  • Those with previously known immunological issues, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or antinuclear antibodies attacking healthy cells

We look at all pieces of the fertility puzzle, including reproductive immunology

It’s important to look at the big picture when considering fertility, including the relationship between the immune system and pregnancy. Our Las Vegas fertility physicians understand that reproductive immunology testing can provide important information. Contact us to learn how our fertility specialists offer personalized and comprehensive care.