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Donor egg IVF is a great family-building option for many types of patients

Each person’s path to parenthood is different and it sometimes includes a few extra steps. Conceiving using donor egg IVF is a great example of this. The doctors at our Las Vegas fertility clinic are experts when it comes to both in vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg donation. As a result, we can help you welcome a baby with help from this winning combination.

Who is a good candidate for this fertility treatment?

At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we often recommend donor egg IVF when a woman is unable to use her own eggs to conceive. This situation may occur due to age or treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

IVF with egg donation can also be a great option for gay couples as well as single men who want to experience the joy of parenthood.

Finally, some patients may want to use donor eggs and in vitro fertilization to conceive if they want to avoid passing an inheritable genetic condition to their children.

To determine if this treatment option is right for you, our Las Vegas fertility clinic team will first review your medical history and family-building goals. Your doctor will also order diagnostic tests to learn more about your baseline fertility. They will then review the results to determine whether this fertility treatment can help you bring home a baby.

How does donor egg IVF work?

You will first need to select an egg donor. Sometimes, the egg donor is a friend or a family member, but more often, the donor remains anonymous.

To make finding an egg donor easy, our Las Vegas fertility clinic offers an in-house egg donor program with a selection of generous young women who are ready to donate. We carefully screen all donors to rule out any risk of transmitting infectious or genetic diseases.

Once you select a donor, she becomes our patient for the duration of her egg donation cycle. Based on the results of her fertility testing, our physicians will prescribe medications to prompt her ovaries to produce multiple eggs at once. When her eggs are mature, we will retrieve them. Embryologists will fertilize the eggs with sperm in the IVF laboratory. You can opt to have preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) performed on your embryos at this time.

An embryologist will then freeze the resulting embryos while the hopeful mother or the gestational carrier takes medication to prepare her uterus for embryo transfer. Then, our team will thaw and transfer one healthy embryo to the woman’s uterus in hopes of achieving pregnancy.

In the skilled hands of our doctors, donor egg IVF cycles produce excellent success rates. Our live birth rates for cycles using donor eggs consistently exceed national averages.

To learn more about this beautiful family-building option, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. Our entire team looks forward to helping you on your path to parenthood.