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  • IUI, Insemination

    Intrauterine insemination is an affordable and effective treatment for many hopeful parents who turn to our Nevada fertility center for help conceiving a child.

  • IVF, In Vitro Fertilization

    In-vitro fertilization is a high-tech approach to achieving pregnancy. IVF today has evolved to become a safer, more reliable and incredibly successful fertility treatment. We are perfecting a faster path to pregnancy.

  • Egg Donation

    Some women cannot produce enough of their own good quality eggs to have a high chance of success with IVF. An excellent option for these women is to use an egg donor or oocyte donor.

  • Surrogacy

    For those patients who are unable to carry a pregnancy a gestational carrier, or surrogate, can help individuals or couples achieve parenthood using their own sperm and/or eggs.


    From the first day we opened in 1988, we have welcomed same-sex male and female couples and singles and we are dedicated to facilitating greater ease and comfort on their journey to parenthood.

  • Fertility Preservation

    For 30 years, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has helped men, women, and couples to preserve their fertility by freezing their sperm, eggs or embryos for future use.

  • Genetic Testing

    Preimplantation Genetic Testing, or PGS, can increase the success of your IVF procedure by helping to achieve higher implantation rates and fewer pregnancy losses.

  • Research

    The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is committed to continuous research in infertility and reproductive endocrinology, furthering the science of the treatment of infertility.

  • The Results are in

    Our IVF success rates, as reported to the CDC and SART are available now for you to review. Our Las Vegas fertility center provides information and tips of understanding the data.

  • Fertility 101

    We love an informed and empowered patient! The free seminars and patient resources at our Las Vegas fertility center build on the knowledge that you bring to the first fertility consultation and throughout.

  • The Truth in Pricing

    A clear understanding of the costs before your begin treatment will help you feel in control and better prepared to focus all of your energy on getting pregnant. Our plan mitigates surprises and eliminates hidden fees.

  • Fertility Travel

    Our Las Vegas fertility center is the premier destination for affordable and highly successful reproductive care. Our international team speaks a variety of languages and we offer complimentary Skype consultations for out of town patients ready to take the next step.


  • My son is now 3 months old and I still find myself in awe of this miracle! To say thank you sounds too little compared to what you have done for us. You are the most competent doctors I have met!


  • We want to say thank you for all you did for us and our miracle baby. He is a beautiful baby and we are blessed to have this healthy bouncing boy as a part of our family. Thank you for making our dream come true!

    The B Family

  • Thank you so much for giving us our double bundles of joy. They are now three months old and we wanted to send you some angel kisses for all you have done. We truly miss seeing all the staff. No words can ever describe how grateful we are. We so appreciate your help. We love you, god bless you.

    M & G