The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Growing families through embryo donation

UPDATE APRIL 2023: Our embryo donation program is currently on hold.  Please check back at a later date.

When an IVF cycle creates more embryos than a family needs, an incredible opportunity opens: The chance to make someone else’s dream of parenthood come true. Through our Las Vegas donor embryo program, many of our former patients give the gift of embryo donation, helping other families have the children they have always longed for.

Through our embryo donation program, our patients who have achieved their family-building goals can entrust their embryos into our care for future donation, relieving the burden of cryostorage fees and giving them a chance at life. All embryo donations through our program are anonymous, and our Las Vegas fertility center handles all associated legal matters, protecting both the donor and the recipient.

Why choose embryo donation

Our Las Vegas donor embryo program is an affordable option for people who hope to become parents and want to experience pregnancy. Embryos are available at no cost to the recipient, and the embryo transfer cycle fee includes all associated IVF clinical and laboratory procedures as well as the required FDA screening that is completed for all donated specimens (including sperm, eggs and embryos). This fee is less than half the cost of an own-egg IVF cycle and a fraction of the cost of donor egg IVF or a typical adoption.

In addition to the low cost, adding to your family through our embryo donation program has many other advantages.

  • All embryos available through our Las Vegas donor embryo program come from IVF cycles here at FCLV – one of the nation’s top fertility centers and a leading IVF research center – so we can assure safety and quality.
  • Embryo donation allows a hopeful mother to experience the incomparable joy of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Our embryo donation program has extremely high success rates, regardless of the recipient’s age or cause of infertility.
  • Embryo recipients can choose the timing of their frozen embryo transfer, often providing a faster path to parenthood.

Embryo donation recipients can review the medical and genetic histories of all available donor embryos and an anonymous personal profile to learn more about the donor families. If we genetically screened the donor embryos using preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), recipients will also be able to view those test results.

In addition to our anonymous Las Vegas donor embryo program, our fertility specialists welcome men and women with known donor arrangements, in which the recipients and the known donors have agreed to their own terms for the donation. In such cases, we are happy to refer donors and recipients to an attorney who can assist with legal consent.

The gift of parenthood

Embryo donation makes hopeful parents’ dreams come true, and we are honored to play a central role in this beautiful process that enriches the lives of both recipients and donors.

If you are a former FCLV patient interested in donating embryos, or if you are interested in embryo donation as a recipient, contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss our Las Vegas donor embryo program.