The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Finding the Right Fertility Treatment  Means Treatment as Unique as You Are

Patients struggling with infertility often feel that they are racing the clock, as every month without a positive pregnancy test is another month lost. Nobody wants to waste time and money on infertility treatments that have little chance of succeeding. Our Nevada fertility center’s comprehensive approach ensures that your infertility treatment plan gives you the right care, right now.

Our advanced infertility treatment approach has helped thousands of patients achieve pregnancy, quickly and cost-effectively. We don’t believe in a “cookie-cutter” approach to infertility care, instead choosing the right treatment for the right diagnosis, then carefully fine-tuning it for each patient’s unique situation.

Cost-effective infertility treatment

The best treatment for you depends on the cause of your infertility. Many patients choose our Nevada fertility clinic because of our excellent reputation for successful pregnancies through in vitro fertilization, or IVF, but simpler and more affordable first-line treatments like IUI may prove successful for many people.

The key is the accurate diagnosis of the cause or causes of your infertility. Getting to the root causes of infertility requires you, your partner, and your fertility specialist to work together, answering questions and performing tests to narrow down the possibilities and determine the best infertility treatment to address them.

Have you had tests to confirm that your reproductive organs are healthy and your fallopian tubes are open? When the fallopian tubes are blocked, the only route to pregnancy may be fertilizing the eggs outside of the body with IVF.

Have you had blood tests to measure your hormone levels and ovarian reserve? Ovarian stimulation medication can help some women overcome low ovarian reserve (egg quality & quantity), or donor egg IVF may be the answer.

Has your partner had a semen analysis to determine whether sperm problems may be contributing to your inability to get pregnant? Male factor infertility can play a big role in determining which infertility treatment is most likely to be effective. Depending on the type and severity of male factor infertility, an IUI cycle may be all that’s needed. For severe cases, IVF with ICSI can make pregnancy possible.

Do you need a sperm donor, egg donor or surrogate to conceive a child? Through IUI or IVF with donor sperm or eggs and/or surrogacy, we can help make dreams of parenthood come true for single men or women, as well as LGBT couples and people with severe female or male factor infertility.

For people who are concerned about genetic disorders that run in their families, infertility treatment can also provide answers. IVF with preimplantation genetic diagnosis can ensure that only unaffected embryos are used to achieve pregnancy. For patients with recurrent miscarriages or repeated IVF failures, IVF with preimplantation genetic screening, PGS, can reveal chromosomal abnormalities that could cause miscarriage or developmental problems with embryos.

The right treatment at the right time

By providing exactly the right treatment for the right diagnosis at the right time, our fertility specialists place each patient on the most cost-effective and efficient path to having a child.

To determine the best infertility treatment plan for you, contact our Nevada fertility center to schedule a consultation.