The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Our state-of-the-art IVF lab equipment produces outstanding outcomes for patients

When you need IVF to have a baby, choosing the right provider is an important decision. Not only do you want to find a reproductive endocrinologist with high IVF success rates, you want to be sure that your IVF cycle will be supported by the absolute best laboratory team and technology. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas offers both a state-of-the-art IVF lab and knowledgeable fertility specialists, making our Nevada fertility center a worldwide destination for people who want to optimize their chances of IVF success.

The most advanced IVF lab equipment available

For patients seeking IVF in Las Vegas, our Ovation® Fertility partner laboratory uses the latest, most advanced equipment to optimize IVF success and protect patients’ precious reproductive materials.

  • Four Astec EC10 tabletop incubators. Creating exactly the right conditions to house and protect developing embryos in culture media, each incubator has 10 chambers with glass observation windows, so embryologists can monitor up to 40 patients’ embryos at once, without removing the samples from their tightly controlled environment. Each chamber is independently temperature-controlled and designed for rapid temperature and gas recovery when samples are checked, removed or replaced. This allows other patients’ samples inside the incubator to remain undisturbed, which has been proven to improve embryo development outcomes. The incubators in our embryology lab are the first of this superior model in use in the United States.
  • Four laminar flow hoods. These specialized cabinets ensure that the lab team handles samples in a controlled space where only temperature-controlled, HEPA-filtered air surrounds eggs, sperm or embryos. By directing filtered air down onto the work surface, these hoods maintain sterility and prevent cross-contamination. With water-bath or electrical heating elements, they also control the temperature of the space where samples are handled, ensuring optimal conditions for the safety of samples.
  • Three inverted microscopes with attached Narishige micromanipulators and laser systems. These microscopes give the lab’s embryologists and andrologists a clear view of eggs, sperm and embryos. Using the onboard micromanipulator and laser systems, these highly trained lab specialists can physically interact with the samples under the microscope to move samples around and perform procedures such as embryo biopsy, assisted hatching, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection to achieve fertilization. The laser systems include two Hamilton Thorne Zylos laser systems and one Octax NaviLase dynamic multipurpose laser with a movable infrared laser module and target pointer.
  • Matcher. This barcode-based electronic witnessing system ensures that eggs, sperm and embryos are carefully identified and tracked as they move through the embryology lab. This system includes labeling, scheduling and traceability of all samples in the lab. By documenting a chain of custody for each patient’s gametes and embryos through all procedures and storage, Matcher removes any potential for errors or mix-ups across patient samples.
  • Artisan. This cloud-based, highly secure electronic medical records system (EMR), designed exclusively for use in fertility care, is an all-in-one technology solution that integrates with the EMR at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. In the IVF lab, it tracks and analyzes inventory and results, including patient charts, cryo storage logs, embryo grading and tracking, semen analysis tools, and analysis of key performance indicators to support best practices.
  • SQA automated semen analyzer. In just 75 seconds, this cloud-based IVF lab device produces an accurate report of a semen sample’s sperm concentration, motility (movement), rapid/slow/non-progressive motility, normal morphology (shape), velocity and total counts. Test results are based on the most recent 6th edition of the World Health Organization Manual for the Laboratory Examination and Processing of Human Semen, providing extensive insight to our FCLV fertility specialists on male fertility potential.
  • XiltriX monitoring and alarm system. This system continuously monitors all of the LN2 cryo tanks used for long-term storage of embryos, eggs and sperm, as well as the conditions within the IVF lab incubators and refrigerators. Should anything be amiss at any time, day or night, this system alerts the lab team so that the issue can be immediately corrected. It also collects accurate information and reports on equipment and conditions throughout the entire IVF lab, and ensures that all samples in incubators are secured at all times.
  • State-of-the-art air quality system. To protect all biological materials, the IVF lab is a cleanroom environment where air quality is tightly controlled with HEPA, carbon and Purafill filters. These systems remove potentially harmful particles, gases, odors and viruses from the air, ensuring that samples handled in the andrology and embryology lab are protected from contamination.

In the capable hands of our skilled, highly trained embryology lab team, this advanced IVF lab equipment ensures that the very best technology is used when handling, monitoring and working with our patients’ reproductive materials.

To learn more about IVF in Las Vegas with our incredible team of physicians and scientists, contact us to schedule a consultation.