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Surrogacy and Egg Donor IVF for Single Men

We help single men become fathers through surrogacy and donor eggs

Our Las Vegas fertility experts welcome single men who want to pursue parenthood through surrogacy. Our inclusive approach to fertility care is designed to support you at every step of your journey to fatherhood, providing all the testing and information you need to maximize your chances for success.

Surrogacy for single fathers

The path to biological fatherhood for single men is in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs and a gestational carrier (GC), also known as a surrogate.

The donor’s eggs are retrieved, fertilized with your sperm, and then an embryo is transferred to your surrogate’s uterus. Any remaining embryos are frozen for future pregnancy attempts.

There are several ways to secure donated eggs for surrogacy:

  • A known egg donor, such as a friend or family member
  • Frozen donor eggs from an anonymous egg bank
  • Fresh donor eggs from an anonymous egg donor

Your egg donor will receive a high standard of fertility care at our Las Vegas center. Her process begins with a thorough fertility evaluation, which helps us optimize her IVF treatment to obtain multiple eggs.

For fresh or frozen donor eggs, The Donor Branch of FCLV provides access to our anonymous database of exceptional young women who have generously offered the gift of life.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has partnered with Donor Egg Bank, USA, the nation’s only frozen donor egg program to be developed through a collaboration of over 150 reproductive specialists throughout the United States.

We also have access to frozen embryos donated by patients who have completed their families and generously offered to help others complete theirs. Because all donors are thoroughly screened, you can rest assured that the highest medical and ethical standards are met.

Our Las Vegas fertility experts are here to guide you through all aspects of achieving pregnancy through surrogacy, coordinating all necessary medical and psychological screening for your gestational carrier. Your surrogate could be a friend or family member, or we can direct you to resources for finding a surrogate as well as a legal professional that specializes in third party reproduction.

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We provide a patient concierge to coordinate every aspect of your IVF cycle, working with you, your agency, your egg donor and your gestational surrogate. Single men come to us from all over the world for inclusive, compassionate fertility treatment through surrogacy. We are proud to make your dreams of fatherhood come true.

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