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When starting or growing your family, you can choose from different types of egg donors

Women and men turn to egg donation to welcome a baby for a variety of reasons. Some patients need donor eggs due to female infertility, while gay couples and single men also rely on them to become fathers. Just as there are many reasons why someone might need donor eggs, there are also many different types of egg donors.

To help you select an egg donor, our Las Vegas infertility center team is here to discuss the different kinds of donors.

Known and anonymous are the main types of egg donors

Egg donors are generous young women who want to help people overcome obstacles to parenthood. These women are typically between the ages of 20 and 29, and they have passed health and fertility screenings to ensure they can donate healthy eggs.

When it’s time to select an egg donor, you have several different options.

  • A known donor is a family member or friend who offers to donate her eggs. Some patients like the idea of having a relative donate her eggs because it allows them to share a biological connection to their child.
  • An anonymous fresh egg donor is a woman who does not know the intended parents. She anonymously donates her eggs and receives compensation in exchange for her time, effort and commitment. Donor programs will provide information about each donor, including her ethnicity, appearance, education and interests. However, they won’t share her identity. During a fresh egg donation cycle, it’s necessary for the egg donor and the woman who will carry the pregnancy to take hormonal medications to sync their cycles.
  • An anonymous frozen egg donor is just like an anonymous fresh donor, but with one difference. Her eggs have already been frozen and can be used as soon as the intended parents are ready. Frozen donor eggs eliminate the need to sync the cycles of the donor and the mother or gestational carrier.

Also, keep in mind that some donors who start off as anonymous may be open to knowing their recipients. Some donors are open to having a single phone call or video chat, while others might be willing to stay in contact for years.

When you select an egg donor, you can decide which of these types of egg donors will be best for your unique situation.

Work with our team to select an egg donor

Our Las Vegas infertility center wants to make it as convenient as possible to select an egg donor. As a result, we offer an in-house egg donor program. The young women in our program have already been screened for genetic and infectious diseases, so they are ready to donate.

You can look through our pool of anonymous and diverse egg donors to select the perfect donor for your family. Before you review our donors, we recommend making a list of the traits and characteristics that are most important to you. This simple step can help streamline your search.

If you would like to learn more about the types of egg donors and egg donation at our Las Vegas infertility center, we invite you to contact us. Our fertility doctors are egg donation experts who can help you understand every step of this family-building option.