The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Egg Freezing and IUI with Donor Sperm

IUI with donor sperm is just one option for single women

Our inclusive Las Vegas fertility center is a welcoming place for single women who wish to become mothers, as well as women interested in preserving their fertility to build a future family. We offer several services to help single women take control of their fertility, including fertility assessment, egg freezing and intrauterine insemination, also known as IUI with donor sperm.

IUI with donor sperm for single moms-to-be

For many single women, it’s the best way to achieve pregnancy. Although our Las Vegas fertility center does not provide sperm bank services, your fertility specialist can direct you to resources to obtain donor sperm to build your family. If you have a known donor willing to contribute sperm, we can also advise you about all necessary screening to ensure that your treatment meets the highest medical and ethical standards.

The process is:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Choose your sperm donor
  • Visit our Las Vegas fertility center for a fertility workup
  • Finalize all legal documents
  • Begin medications to start your IUI cycle

Because IUI with donor sperm requires an investment of both time and money, your fertility specialist will maximize your chances of success by providing baseline fertility testing before your treatment begins. Should your testing reveal any fertility issues, your physician will discuss all available treatment options, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm.

If you’re not yet ready to have a baby, but want to be sure that your eggs will be there when you need them, you can choose to preserve your fertility with egg freezing. This advanced procedure allows you to retrieve your eggs while you are young and fertile, then store them to be fertilized and transferred at a later date. Egg freezing allows you to focus on your priorities, and postpone family-building until the time is right.

Take control of your fertility

Advanced fertility treatments, such as IUI with donor sperm and egg freezing, let you take control of your own fertility and build your family when the time is right for you.

To start your comprehensive fertility evaluation, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Las Vegas fertility center.