The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Take the next step on the path to parenthood by moving to IVF and PGT

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is an Oasis of Hope for patients who need a little extra help to start or grow their family. We know you’ve likely been on a long journey, so our Las Vegas fertility doctors want to help you welcome a healthy baby as quickly as possible. That’s why our team often recommends moving to IVF and PGT when more-basic fertility treatments don’t lead to pregnancy. Advanced fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization and genetic testing have helped many patients become parents.

How do these advanced fertility treatments make parenthood possible?

In vitro fertilization is a highly effective fertility treatment that allows our team to bypass many female and male fertility issues. Many patients also add preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) to their IVF cycle to increase the odds of success. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors often recommend moving to IVF and PGT when first-line treatments like medications and intrauterine insemination (IUI) are unsuccessful.

An IVF cycle begins when the woman who will provide her eggs takes medications to stimulate her ovaries. One of our doctors will retrieve the woman’s mature eggs during a short, outpatient procedure. An embryologist will fertilize the eggs with sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor. A doctor from our clinic will then transfer a resulting embryo to the uterus of the intended mother or a gestational surrogate.

PGT is a type of IVF embryo testing that can occur between fertilization and embryo transfer. This test involves a safe embryo biopsy and genetic testing to ensure that the embryo has the correct number of chromosomes. Using the test results, the doctor will only transfer a chromosomally normal embryo, which increases the likelihood of having a healthy baby.

Who can benefit from moving to IVF and PGT?

Our Las Vegas fertility doctors will review your medical history and test results to determine whether these advanced fertility treatments are options for you. However, nearly all patients will find success with IVF and PGT. This is especially true for the following groups of patients.

We realize that it can be overwhelming at first to navigate fertility treatments, so our doctors are here to provide compassionate and knowledgeable support. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about moving to IVF and PGT.