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Donor sperm IVF can help overcome many causes of infertility

When a couple has both male and female fertility issues, donor sperm IVF can help make parenthood possible. In vitro fertilization with donor sperm can also help single women and lesbian couples become mothers. Our Las Vegas sperm donation experts guide patients through every step of the process, from providing an accurate diagnosis to performing the IVF embryo transfer.

Using sperm donation and IVF can be a great option for couples where the male partner cannot produce enough high-quality sperm to fertilize an egg and the female partner has fertility issues like tubal infertility or low ovarian reserve (egg supply). It can also help single women and lesbian couples with these types of female infertility.

Selecting a sperm donor is the first step of the process

You have two options for selecting a sperm donor. The first is asking someone you know to donate the sperm (a known donor), and the second is selecting an anonymous donor from a sperm bank. Our Las Vegas sperm donation experts have found that most of our patients prefer to use a sperm bank donor.

Sperm banks provide a great deal of information about each donor, including his physical characteristics, race, ethnicity, education, career, health, interests and personality. Many banks also provide childhood and recent photographs of each donor.

Another benefit of selecting a donor from a sperm bank is that the bank has performed the required FDA infectious disease testing on all donors. This process involves performing an initial test on the donor before he provides a semen sample. The sperm bank will freeze the sample and retest the man six months later. If he tests negative both times, his sample is available to use in a donor sperm IVF cycle.

If you decide to use a known donor, he will need to undergo this FDA testing process. As a result, you will need to factor this time into your family-building timeline. With an anonymous donor from a sperm bank, this six-month testing process has already been completed.

Donor sperm IVF involves multiple steps

Once the sperm from your donor is available to use, our Las Vegas sperm donation experts can help you with your IVF cycle.

This process will start with ovarian stimulation. The female partner who will be providing the eggs will take injectable medications to stimulate egg production and growth.

When her eggs are mature, she will receive a “trigger shot,” and then come to our clinic for an outpatient egg retrieval procedure.

Our embryologists will fertilize the retrieved eggs with the donor sperm in the IVF laboratory. They will monitor the growth and development of the resulting embryos. You can opt to have your embryos undergo preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) at this time.

One of our fertility doctors will transfer a resulting embryo to the uterus of the woman who will be carrying the pregnancy. Over the next few days, the doctor will monitor her for signs of pregnancy.

Donor sperm IVF is a very effective fertility treatment for many types of patients. If you’d like to learn more about this family-building option, contact us to schedule an appointment.