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Surrogacy screening: What to expect at a gestational carrier screening appointment

A gestational carrier screening appointment is the main appointment at our Las Vegas fertility center for medical clearance to begin a surrogate pregnancy, or what we call being a gestational carrier.

Our goal is to gather as much information as we can at this visit to establish you as a gestational carrier. Expect this appointment to take some time, and arrive ready to ask a lot of questions. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gather as much information as you can before you begin the process.

While most pregnancies are a healthy and wonderful experience, pregnancy can be complicated. Our primary goal is to ensure that you are safe to proceed with pregnancy and that you are not taking on any unwarranted risks by helping to build someone else’s family.

What is the purpose of gestational carrier screening?

Many things happen at this visit. First, it is a chance to meet the members of the team who will coordinate your gestational carrier cycle. A physician and assistant will go through your medical and surgical history, including your family and pregnancy history. Be prepared to answer many questions about your health and lifestyle.

You will then undergo a physical exam of the heart, lungs, abdominal and pelvic area. We want to confirm that it is safe for you to receive hormone medications and carry a baby. The physician or an ultrasonographer will perform a sonohysterogram to evaluate your uterus and ovaries.

Our team will also take blood at this visit to check for any undiagnosed medical conditions or infectious diseases. Your gestational carrier screening appointment is a great chance to review the plan and expectations for being a gestational carrier, including the medications and what the next steps will be to get started after medical clearance has been finalized.

Who will be at the appointment?

While you are at our Las Vegas fertility center, you will meet many members of the FCLV team, including the laboratory staff, your fertility doctor and an IVF coordinator.

Are there any side effects associated with this visit?

The side effects from this visit are minimal.

What happens next?

Next steps will depend on any findings from your exam and bloodwork. Your entire chart will be reviewed before you are cleared to become a gestational carrier. At that time, you will be notified of when to start medications and when to come to our office or a monitoring office in your area.

This process can take some time, and you may need to be off your regular contraception in preparation for starting your gestational carrier cycle. It is very important to take extra steps to avoid any unintended pregnancy during this time.

What can I do to increase my comfort at this visit?

Because the visit involves collecting blood, you’ll want to stay well hydrated and eat beforehand.

What will FCLV do to increase my comfort at this visit?

This appointment is a long, and we provide a lot of information. We will talk you through each step of the visit to make sure that you know what to do next and have the opportunity to get answers to all of your questions.

To learn more about gestational carrier screening, contact our Las Vegas fertility center.