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Wondering how to find an egg donor? Our team explains the process

Selecting an egg donor can sometimes seem overwhelming. After all, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. However, you and your partner don’t have to make this decision alone. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas offers an in-house egg donation program with highly qualified donors from diverse backgrounds. Our Las Vegas fertility specialists also offer support and guidance to help you find an egg donor.

What are the different ways to find an egg donor?

When selecting an egg donor to help you start or grow your family, you can choose someone you know (a known donor) or a donor from a program or an agency (an anonymous donor).

When someone selects a known egg donor, they typically pick a woman who is either a friend or a family member. People who select this option like the idea of knowing their egg donor.

However, most patients opt to use an anonymous egg donor from an agency or a program like ours. Although you typically won’t know an anonymous donor’s name (unless she decides to make that information available), you will have access to other information about her. This includes her appearance, ethnicity, health, education, interests, talents and personality. This information can help you select the best egg donor for you and your family.

One key benefit of using an anonymous donor from an egg donation agency or an egg donor program is that they provide egg donor screening. They can also give you access to experts who can answer your questions to help you find an egg donor.

What should you consider when selecting an egg donor?

Before you start looking at egg donors, our Las Vegas fertility specialists recommend making a list of all the traits that you and your partner would like in an egg donor. Perhaps you want a donor from a specific ethnic background or with a certain hair color. Or maybe you’re hoping to find a donor who completed a certain level of education or who has a talent for art or music.

While you’re making your list, try to also keep an open mind. Everyone is unique, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find an egg donor who is exactly like you or your partner. Furthermore, blending the genetics of any two people is always beautifully unpredictable. This is true whether you conceive with your own genetic material or donor eggs. However, you can count on one thing. Your family will gain an amazing child to love and cherish.

If you would like to learn more about selecting an egg donor, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our Las Vegas fertility specialists will be happy to guide you through the egg donation process, from start to finish.