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Freeze-all IVF cycles can help improve pregnancy success rates

In the past, doctors mainly performed fresh embryo transfers as part of in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, embryo freezing techniques have improved greatly. In fact, a growing body of research has shown that freeze-all IVF cycles can lead to better outcomes for patients undergoing fertility treatments. As such, our Las Vegas IVF center has exclusively performed frozen embryo transfers (FET) since 2015.

How do freeze-all IVF cycles work?

A fresh embryo transfer involves ovarian stimulation followed by egg retrieval. Then, embryologists fertilize the eggs with sperm in the IVF laboratory. The resulting embryos are grown until they are three to five days old. At that point, a fertility doctor transfers one of the good quality embryos to the patient’s uterus.

With freeze-all IVF cycles, the embryologists in the IVF laboratory freeze the good quality embryos before the doctor transfers them. Keeping the embryos in frozen storage for a few months allows the woman’s body and uterine lining to return to normal after taking medications for ovarian stimulation. Studies have shown that this break between ovarian stimulation and embryo transfer can lead to better implantation and pregnancy rates.

What are the benefits of FET?

Our Las Vegas IVF center performs FET for many reasons. In addition to increasing IVF success rates, freeze-all cycles produce other benefits.

  • Time for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). If a patient wants testing to assess their embryos for chromosomal abnormalities (PGT-A) or genetic illnesses (PGT-M), a freeze-all cycle can be a great option. After taking a small biopsy for testing, each embryo is frozen and stored until the test results are available. This information can help doctors transfer the embryo that has the best chance of developing into a healthy baby.
  • Lower risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).This potentially dangerous syndrome can occur in patients who have developed many egg-containing follicles in response to ovarian stimulation. However, FET can reduce the risk of developing this condition by transferring an embryo when the ovaries are no longer stimulated.
  • Fewer risks for the baby. Freeze-all IVF cycles seem to lower the risk of a baby being born with a low birth weight (LBW) or premature. Prematurity can lead to numerous conditions, including cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness; while LBW babies can develop metabolic issues later in life. FET is one way that our Las Vegas IVF center team can reduce these risks.

Another benefit is the ability to preserve fertility. If a patient wants another baby in the future, the high success rate of freezing allows patients to have one baby now and save any additional embryos for future children. Basically, women and men can have their entire family from one egg retrieval cycle.

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To further improve IVF success rates and reduce risk, our team also transfers just one embryo at a time. A safe and successful pregnancy is always the goal at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our fertility services.