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Get the information you need to find a sperm donor to start or grow your family

Many types of patients can benefit from sperm donation, including single women, lesbian couples and couples facing severe male infertility. The team at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas knows that patients have a lot of questions about how to find a sperm donor. Thankfully, our Las Vegas infertility doctors have the expertise to help patients get the answers they need about selecting a sperm donor.

Please keep in mind that FCLV is not a sperm bank. However, we can help you locate a sperm bank, if needed.

How can intended parents find a sperm donor?

Much like egg donation, there are two general types of sperm donors who can help you bring home a healthy baby. The first is a known sperm donor, which is typically a friend or a family member. The second is an anonymous donor from a sperm bank. Although the donor is anonymous, you will have access to information about his appearance, ethnicity, health, education, interests, talents and personality.

Regardless of whether you select a known or an anonymous sperm donor, the man should typically be under the age of 40. This is because male fertility declines over time. Additionally, all sperm donors must pass FDA screening for infectious diseases. This process requires the donor to undergo a blood test before having his sperm quarantined for six months. If the man tests negative for any infectious diseases after the six-month period, his sperm is available for use.

One benefit of using an anonymous donor from a sperm bank is that the donor’s sperm has already undergone the required six-month quarantine period. As a result, it is ready to use immediately. Additionally, sperm banks perform a semen analysis on their donors’ samples to ensure that they contain enough high-quality sperm to help you conceive.

What do you need to think about when selecting a sperm donor?

Before starting your journey to find a sperm donor, our Las Vegas infertility doctors suggest that you and your partner think about the traits that you want to see in a sperm donor. For example, is it important to have a donor from a specific ethnic background, or someone who has completed a certain level of education?

As you think about your requirements for a donor, you should also keep an open mind. Each person in the world is unique, so you won’t find a sperm donor who is an exact copy of you or your partner. However, with all the diversity at sperm banks today, you should be able to find a donor who meets most, if not all, of your requirements.

If you would like to learn more about selecting a sperm donor, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our Las Vegas infertility doctors can help you on your journey to conceive with help from donor sperm.