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Learn why The Fertility Center of Las Vegas performs blastocyst transfer

At our Las Vegas fertility clinic, our team makes every effort to increase the chance of you bringing home a healthy baby. When it comes to in vitro fertilization (IVF), we use blastocyst transfer to improve the likelihood of you developing a healthy pregnancy using an IVF embryo. Many patients don’t understand why this is so important, so our team is here to explain why.

What is a blastocyst transfer?

First, embryologists combine eggs and sperm in the IVF lab to achieve fertilization. After that, they monitor the resulting IVF embryos as they grow in a special culture media. All embryos go through specific stages of development on each day.

Some fertility clinics in the United States transfer Day 3 embryos to the uterus of the intended mother or the gestational surrogate. However, our Las Vegas fertility clinic has long performed Day 5 transfers, which are also known as blastocyst transfers. In fact, our clinic was one of the first centers in the world to standardize this type of embryo transfer in 1997, and we have since performed thousands of them.

What are the benefits of this type of transfer?

Our Las Vegas fertility clinic performs blastocyst transfers because they offer several benefits to our patients.

  • We have more certainty with this type of embryo transfer. Many embryos are genetically flawed and will not form good blastocysts. Transferring Day 5 IVF embryos helps us avoid the transfer of embryos that can’t reach the blastocyst stage.
  • Transferring blastocysts instead of Day 3 embryos tends to lead to better implantation and pregnancy rates.
  • Because we can feel more confident that a blastocyst will implant and develop, we don’t need to transfer as many embryos at the same time. This reduces the risk of having a potentially dangerous pregnancy with twins or higher order multiples.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas team is proud to be on the leading-edge of reproductive medicine. By offering our patients the latest fertility treatments and techniques, we can help them bring home healthy babies. Contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you become a parent.