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There’s a reason why our Las Vegas fertility center is called an oasis of hope. Men and women travel from all over the globe to benefit from our experience and innovations in highly successful fertility care. As a research center and a fertility clinic, our office has helped develop the latest and most effective practices in reproductive medicine so that each patient can build the family of their dreams.

Our international fertility services

Our Las Vegas fertility center is proud to offer leading-edge reproductive technology to cross border and international patients. The international fertility services our clinic provides include:

  • High success rates and advanced treatments. Women and men travel from far and wide to visit The Fertility Center of Las Vegas because we offer some of the highest success rates in the world. Patients can find compassionate care and the most advanced fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), donor eggs and sperm, and surrogacy.
  • Gestational surrogacy and egg/sperm donor. Many of our patients travel to our Las Vegas clinic because their countries do not have legal surrogacy arrangements or do not easily permit egg or sperm donation. Our team can help these patients have the biological children they’ve longed for. In addition to our own egg donor database, we also work with experienced and highly reputable agencies that hold donors and surrogates to high standards of health to promote the safety and success of third party reproduction.
  • Fluent case managers. We are pleased to offer English, Chinese, Spanish and French-fluent case managers to our international guests. All of our case managers take a genuine interest in our patient’s fertility success. Many of our staff have experienced our services first-hand and understand the myriad physical and emotional challenges that accompany infertility or the use of third party reproduction.
  • Long-distance assessment. Patients can get to know our clinic before traveling to Las Vegas. Our international fertility services include phone or internet consultations that review each patient’s medical history and address specific fertility concerns and goals.

Whether prospective patients wish to learn more about fertility services, or they are ready to begin IVF treatments or a surrogacy arrangement, our board certified physicians and staff are ready to welcome them to our oasis of hope with open arms.

Feel at home

At our Las Vegas fertility center, we offer complimentary international concierge services to help our patients from abroad receive world-class care and settle into Las Vegas. We are available around the clock to help with appointment scheduling as well as travel, dining and entertainment recommendations. We partner with local transportation and lodging companies to provide preferred rates for our patients visiting the Las Vegas area.

To learn more about our cross border and international fertility services, please contact us today.

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