The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Infertility Treatment for Couples 

Advanced infertility treatment helps couples build families

When you and your spouse or partner are eager to become “Mom” and “Dad,” it’s hard to accept that infertility could stop you from achieving your shared dream.

Advanced infertility treatment by our Las Vegas fertility specialists helps couples overcome fertility challenges so they can finally get pregnant, have a baby and move forward as a family.

Infertility treatment options

Because one or both partners may have issues preventing pregnancy, infertility is a complex problem to treat. Our Las Vegas fertility specialists begin by thoroughly evaluating and diagnosing all factors that could contribute to your inability to become pregnant. Then, we create a custom-tailored infertility treatment plan designed to achieve your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The process begins with a comprehensive physical and medical evaluation of both partners, including baseline fertility testing. The results of this assessment are combined to give your fertility specialist a complete view of the causes of your infertility, so that he or she can order further testing, if needed, and develop a custom treatment plan that is just right for you and provides the highest chances of conceiving.

Depending on your diagnosis, infertility treatment options may include:

By carefully calibrating your treatment plan to your specific fertility issues, your fertility specialist puts you and your partner or spouse on the fastest possible path to parenthood, so you don’t waste time and money on treatments that are less likely to work for you.

Move past infertility

Our compassionate team of professionals understands the emotional toll that infertility can take on a couple, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We are honored to assist you and your spouse or partner on the journey to becoming parents.

To learn more about infertility treatment for couples, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Las Vegas fertility specialists.