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Third Party Reproduction refers to the use of eggs, sperm, embryos, or a uterus that have been donated or provided by a third person(s) to enable an individual (intended parent) or couple to become parents

LGBT Parenting

We understand that single, gay, lesbian and transgender patients often endure social challenges in association with their pursuit of having a child. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is dedicated to facilitating greater ease and comfort on your journey to parenthood.

Available services include Donor Sperm Insemination, Donor Sperm IVF, Donor Egg and Gestational Surrogate as well as other individualized options.

Donor Sperm Insemination/IVF

For single female patients, lesbian couples or heterosexual couples with male-factor infertility, a sperm donor can be selected through a sperm bank or known donor.

We will assist you with the process of obtaining donor sperm and can help arrange for shipment and storage of the specimen prior to treatment. Patients also have the option to use a known sperm donor. Once the donor sperm is obtained it will then be used in an insemination (IUI) cycle or with an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle.

IVF with Egg Donor & Gestational Surrogate (GC)

A Gestational Surrogate is a woman who agrees to carry a baby through a pregnancy for an individual or couple. She only provides a host uterus for the baby but does not contribute genetic material.

The embryo is created using an egg from a female intended parent or an egg donor which is fertilized by sperm provided by a male partner or a sperm donor. IVF with Donor Egg & Gestational Surrogate can be performed for a variety of individuals including: Single Male, Single Female, Lesbian, Gay and Heterosexual patients.

You can read one couple’s story about how IVF with egg donation and gestational surrogacy helped them bring home a healthy baby boy.

Gay couple with cute daughter

The Importance of Third Party Reproduction

For women and men who are unable to use their own eggs or sperm, those who want to parent without a partner, and same sex couples – pregnancy may be achieved using donor eggs, donor sperm and/or a Gestational Surrogate (GC) who will carry the baby to term for the intended parent(s). Certain genetic conditions may also necessitate using a third party.

Every patient’s circumstances are unique and require a varying level of oversight and sensitivity – which is why we have assembled a team of professionals specializing in third party parenting. Our staff understands the complex nature of these assisted reproductive therapies and is prepared to patiently walk you, your partner and your donor/GC through this process.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas works with agencies that provide careful screening and uphold strict criteria for egg and sperm donation and gestational surrogates. This is to ensure the highest medical safety and also protects future parents from potential legal complications.