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Learn about natural fertility options and how they compare to standard treatments

Some patients at our Las Vegas fertility center are curious about natural fertility options. Medical or moral objections to taking fertility medications are two of the primary reasons patients inquire about this variety of treatment. The three primary natural fertility options patients ask about include natural cycle intrauterine insemination (IUI), and natural cycle or minimal stimulation IVF.

Natural cycle IUI can be a good option for some patients

IUI is a short, simple procedure involving the female patient tracking her ovulation with a urine ovulation predictor kit that tests for LH, or luteinizing hormone. The day after ovulation likely occurs, the patient comes to our fertility center, where a doctor uses a catheter to insert sperm from the patient’s male partner, or sperm donor, into her uterus.

Various circumstances could make a woman a good candidate for IUI.

  • Cervical issues, such as scarring
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Certain male factor fertility issues, such as the presence of antisperm antibodies, a low sperm count or low sperm motility
  • Women using donor sperm

When a patient at our Las Vegas fertility center is a candidate for IUI, the doctor will likely recommend she take an ovulation-induction medication, such as clomiphene citrate, or Clomid. However, if a woman does not want to take medication and has regular menstrual cycles, ovulation and open fallopian tubes, natural cycle IUI might be a viable option.

It’s important to note that natural cycle IUI isn’t typically as successful as a medicated IUI cycle. If a woman does not conceive after a natural IUI cycle, the doctor will likely recommend a medicated cycle.

Natural fertility options also include natural cycle or minimal stimulation IVF

Natural cycle or minimal stimulation IVF are two treatments patients often ask about if they do not want to take fertility medications or hope to limit the use of medications. It’s important for patients to have a full understanding of what these options mean for their chance of conceiving.

Natural IVF cycle. During a natural IVF cycle, the woman does take any medications, so the best-case scenario is the retrieval of one egg and the fertilization of one egg in the IVF lab. Because the success rate of this type of IVF is so low, doctors at our Las Vegas fertility center do not recommend it.

Minimal stimulation IVF. An IVF cycle using minimal stimulation often involves the patient taking oral ovulation-induction medications or very low dose gonadotropins. This type of cycle would also typically include the use of LH-suppressing medications to prevent premature ovulation, and a shot that causes the final maturation of the eggs. Often, this type of IVF is not as successful as a standard IVF cycle, as a standard cycle usually results in the retrieval of more eggs.

Our fertility center supports patients in learning more about natural fertility options, and why treatments involving the standard fertility medications will likely provide a higher chance that they’ll fulfill the dream of parenthood.

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