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Q: What do the terms “Diagnostic” and “Treatment” refer to?
A: Diagnostic is the testing that is done to determine why you have not yet conceived. The list of tests that were given to you during your first visit are all considered diagnostic tests. Once all of these tests are completed and you meet with your doctor for a consultation, they will determine a treatment plan for you based on the results from the diagnostic tests. The treatment plan is typically artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. It is important to familiarize yourself with these terms, as some insurance companies will only cover diagnostic testing. Please contact your billing representative if you are unclear.

Q: Why do I have to have all of these tests before I can attempt to become pregnant?
A: The majority of the initial blood work is the recommended panel from the CDC for infectious diseases. The other diagnostic tests are to assess each area that is vital in conceiving a pregnancy:
Uterus – Sonohysterogram and Serial Progesterone levels
Fallopian Tubes – Hysterosalpingogram
Sperm Count – Semen Analysis
Ovaries – Cycle Day 3 Labs and GYN Ultrasound

Q: Do I have to fast for any of these tests?
A: You will need to be fasting prior to having your initial blood work drawn. This means nothing to eat or drink (except water) past 10 pm the night prior to testing. The male initial labs also require fasting. All other blood tests (unless specified) do not require you to be fasting.

Q: How long will all of this take before I can start a treatment cycle?
A: Typically all of the diagnostic tests can be completed in 1 cycle or 1 month.

Q: Does my spouse/partner have to be at all of my appointments?
A: Spouses/partners are always welcome and encouraged to be present, however it is not a requirement.

Q: My spouse/partner feels uncomfortable collecting the semen sample in your office. Is there another option?
A: We are able to get the best semen count and motility with a sample collected in our office, however if this is not an option, we can supply a collection kit for home collection. We have a picture ID and a signed consent form in order to do so, and the specimen must be transported to the office NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES from the time of collection. Semen analyses must always be scheduled with a specific appointment time.

Q: Do you have any payment plans?
A: Payment is due at the time of service. If you have any financial issues with payment, please contact your billing representative to discuss options.

Q: How do I know who to contact for financial questions?
A: Our financial department staff can be contacted at the Summerlin office 702.254.1777.

Q: What are my chances for conceiving?
A: Your doctor will assess all of the diagnostic test results once they have been completed. At this time you will meet with him/her for a consultation. Based on these results, he/she will determine the best treatment plan for you and will be able to give you statistical data/percentages for conceiving.

Q: My work schedule makes it hard for me to come in for multiple appointments. How am I going to get all of this done?
A: We are open for blood draws at 6:30 am at the Summerlin office. Appointments are available Mon-Fri from 7am-4pm. We have Saturday hours from 6:30a-12pm at our Summerlin location for blood draws and ultrasounds. We will work around your schedule to accommodate your needs.

If at any time you have a question, feel free to call our office at 702.254.1777. Please know that we answer very personal questions every day. Our staff is sensitive to your needs and we are here to help.

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