The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

You can rest easy, thanks to our comprehensive egg donor screening process

You want an experienced partner by your side when you’re ready to move forward with egg donation. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has been helping patients conceive since 1988, and we offer an in-house egg donor program. Each of our highly qualified donors is ready to help you on the path to parenthood. Before you select an egg donor though, you probably have questions about the egg donor screening process. For your peace of mind, our Las Vegas egg donation experts provide comprehensive screening before a woman can become an egg donor.

All potential egg donors must meet some preliminary requirements

Our goal is to make sure that egg donation is safe and successful for everyone involved. As a result, we ask that all prospective egg donors meet these preliminary qualifications before applying to become a donor.

  • Between the ages of 20 and 29
  • Non-smoker and drug-free
  • Body mass index (BMI) in the “normal” range
  • No chronic health or genetic problems
  • Access to reliable transportation

If a woman meets these preliminary requirements, our Las Vegas egg donation experts invite her to complete an online application. Once we accept her application, we will take the next steps in the screening process.

The next steps of egg donor screening involve the initial screening and screening tests

We can take the next steps if we determine that a potential egg donor’s application looks good. To start, we will ask her FDA-mandated questions and have her complete a detailed package about her personal and family history including recent and childhood photos of herself. We’ll also have her come into the office to review treatment consent forms and undergo an AMH blood test and obtain an antral follicle count, or “AFC” by transvaginal ultrasound. These tests provide baseline information about how many potential eggs she has in her ovaries.

If everything is within normal limits, the woman can enter our egg donor pool. Once someone selects her to be their egg donor, the next steps of egg donor screening can begin.

  • Physical exam
  • Drug screening
  • Chromosome analysis
  • Genetic counseling and carrier screening
  • Psychological evaluation
  • FDA-mandated bloodwork
  • Hormone testing and general bloodwork

Once the egg donor passes this second set of tests, our Las Vegas egg donation experts will clear her to proceed with a donation cycle.

Our intensive egg donor screening process gives both intended parents and egg donors peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about how to become or select an egg donor.