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A mock embryo transfer can improve IVF success

Many fertility clinics, including The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, will perform a mock embryo transfer for some patients as part of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. The mock transfer will occur before the actual embryo transfer. It gives our Las Vegas fertility doctors a chance to perfect the technique to do the actual transfer. Doing so can increase the chance of IVF success.

What is a mock embryo transfer and how does it work?

A mock embryo transfer is a “trial run” for our Las Vegas fertility doctors. It allows them to determine the best route and the ideal location to place the embryo in the uterus. This involves measuring the length between the woman’s cervix and the ideal location for the embryo. Doing a mock transfer can help ensure that the doctor does not encounter any difficulties during the actual transfer procedure.

During the mock transfer, the woman will lie on her back and place her feet in stirrups, much like a Pap smear. The doctor will place a catheter through the cervix and into the uterus. This allows the doctor to select the best catheter for each woman’s anatomy, ensure there is nothing to prevent the catheter from entering the cervix and find the best path for the transfer.

Why is this so important?

Our Las Vegas fertility doctors want to ensure that every transfer they perform results in a pregnancy. In addition to determining the best route and placement during a mock embryo transfer, our doctors are also looking at the uterine lining. They look at its development and thickness to determine whether it can support a pregnancy.

Transferring an embryo when the uterine lining is ready is very important. Some patients may experience IVF failure, even with a PGS-tested embryo, if the lining is not ready. By performing a mock transfer, our doctors can transfer when the lining is receptive. This increases the likelihood of IVF success.

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