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Discover the numerous benefits of surrogacy in Las Vegas

The specialists at our Las Vegas fertility center have found that surrogacy in Las Vegas is thriving, thanks to high-quality fertility care, special discounts and accommodations at many hospitals, and easy travel. Hopeful parents needing the life-changing assistance of a gestational surrogate will find the support they need at our state-of-the-art fertility clinic.

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There are many reasons why Las Vegas is becoming an increasingly popular destination for hopeful parents utilizing a gestational surrogate.

  • Cash discounts. Certain hospitals are making surrogacy in Las Vegas a more positive experience by offering discounts for hopeful parents who pay for the delivery and medical care of their gestational surrogate and newborn child with cash.As it can be challenging for many international hopeful parents to obtain insurance policies in the United States, these cash discounts can be incredibly helpful. Some hospitals offer cash discounts as significant as 80-90% off, and vaginal deliveries for as little as $2,000, including well baby care.
  • Complimentary accommodations and meals. In addition to the cash discount, some hospitals provide hopeful parents with a complimentary room for them and the baby adjacent to their surrogate. This includes three meals a day. These resources facilitate bonding and enhance the comfort of those utilizing surrogacy in Las Vegas.
  • Nevada is a surrogacy-friendly state. Unlike many other states, Nevada law permits gestational surrogacy agreements, meaning women who have no genetic relation to the child can legally carry the pregnancy. In addition, we have laws that allow all hopeful parents to be listed on the baby’s birth certificate, whether they’re single, married, straight or gay.
  • High-quality care. Our Las Vegas fertility center adds to the positive experience of surrogacy in Las Vegas by offering world-renowned research, extremely high success rates, decades of experience and a commitment to patient care.
  • Easy travel and ample accommodations. Making surrogacy in Las Vegas even easier is McCarran International Airport, which accommodates millions of international passengers annually, and is just 20 minutes from our office. Unlike other major U.S. cities, there’s very little traffic and numerous affordable transportation options. In addition, Las Vegas is known for its excellent selection of hotels that accommodate a range of budgets.

We’re proud to offer leading-edge third party reproductive services in an area that is so supportive of hopeful parents utilizing a gestational surrogate.

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Men and women interested in surrogacy in Las Vegas can rest assured that our fertility clinic will provide compassionate, high-quality and cost-effective care, doing everything possible to help them achieve their dream of taking home a healthy baby.

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