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Many patients want to know whether they should pursue vasectomy reversal or IVF

After getting a vasectomy, some men may decide that they want to have more children later. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors know that life can change and so can family-building plans. When this happens, many men want to know whether they should consider a vasectomy reversal or IVF. Our team can explain which option is best for your unique situation.

Deciding between vasectomy reversal or IVF

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed by a urologist that cuts the vas deferens to prevent sperm from being ejaculated. The goal is to prevent pregnancy. When a man wants a vasectomy reversal, a doctor must reenter the testicles and surgically create a new pathway in the vas deferens. This will allow the sperm to travel to the urethra again.

You should talk to our Las Vegas fertility doctors when trying to decide between vasectomy reversal or IVF. Typically, our physicians will recommend in vitro fertilization for the following reasons.

  • A vasectomy reversal can be expensive. Not only is this procedure costly, insurance typically doesn’t cover it.
  • There aren’t clear success rates. Many factors affect the outcome, including a man’s age and health, the number of years since the vasectomy and the skill of the doctor.
  • You will need to use birth control after the vasectomy reversal. If the procedure does work, you will need to use birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future.

How does IVF work after vasectomy reversal?

Our Las Vegas fertility doctors can perform IVF with sperm aspiration as an alternative to vasectomy reversal. This is much like a typical IVF cycle. However, the method of collecting the sperm is a little different.

Instead of providing a semen sample through masturbation, a doctor will aspirate the sperm from the testicle. This is a relatively minor procedure that causes little discomfort. After obtaining the sperm, the IVF laboratory team will use it to fertilize eggs that the doctor retrieved from the intended mother. After fertilization, one of the doctors will transfer one of the healthy embryos to the woman and monitor her for signs of pregnancy.

In vitro fertilization is a very effective fertility treatment option for couples who want to have a child after vasectomy reversal. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more.