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Truth in pricing – Understanding your IVF cost

IVF is an investment in your family’s future, but when you’re paying for it out of pocket, it’s important to understand what you’re getting for your money. Many fertility centers don’t include all of the necessary clinical procedures and fees in their IVF cost or global fee, leading to surprise charges that can add up to an unexpectedly large medical bill. At our Las Vegas fertility center, we believe in affordable care and truth in pricing: You’ll know exactly what is included in your IVF cost up-front, with no hidden fees.

Our IVF pricing packages are designed to maximize your success and minimize your costs, making IVF more affordable. FCLV pricing packages include all the required medical procedures performed at our Las Vegas fertility center, as well as unlimited embryo transfers for one year, making it affordable to try again with your frozen embryos if your first transfer should be unsuccessful.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is affilliated with Granite Sahara Surgical Center (GSSC) and Ovation Fertility (OF) to provide andrology and embryology laboratory services.

Breaking down IVF cost

Our Las Vegas fertility center has an open, honest IVF fee that includes many elements that are not typically included in other fertility centers’ IVF cost. When comparing pricing across fertility centers, be sure you understand exactly which tests and procedures are included in each center’s IVF cycle fee, and which you may have to pay for separately later.

For example, not all clinics will include these important components, which are all included in our fertility center’s IVF cycle fee when completed at our office.

The following services are provided by FCLV/GSSC and are included in the FCLV cycle fee:

  • All IVF cycle ultrasounds
  • All IVF cycle blood draws and tests
  • Egg retrieval procedures and supplies
  • Surgery center fees for retrieval and embryo transfers
  • Anesthesia for retrieval
  • Unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles (FET) for one year (FCLV fees only), including all ultrasounds, blood tests and frozen embryo transfers

The following services are provided by Ovation Fertility and are separate from the FCLV cycle fee:

It’s equally important to understand that certain elements of an IVF cycle will typically not be included in any fertility center’s global fee. For example, outside provider fees including specimen storage and medications (with the exception of egg donor medications) are not included in the FCLV IVF cycle fee, as different women need different prescriptions and doses to maximize their results. Our global fee also doesn’t include services delivered by outside providers, such as preimplantation genetic screening (PGT-A) or diagnosis (PGT-M).

We are here to help

We have earned our reputation as one of the world’s leading fertility centers because we offer patients unparalleled care, consistently exceptional pregnancy rates and honest, up-front pricing.

If you need help understanding our Las Vegas fertility center’s IVF cost, we are happy to assist you. Please contact us to schedule an appointment at our Las Vegas fertility center.

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