The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

World-renowned fertility treatments

Our Las Vegas fertility center has long been a worldwide destination for men and women seeking the most advanced fertility treatments available, provided by a compassionate team of dedicated experts. Our commitment to evidence-based fertility care makes our experienced reproductive endocrinologists recognized leaders in the field, while giving hopeful parents access to the most innovative medical approaches to help them overcome fertility challenges and grow their families.

Our inclusive approach to care means that we offer fertility treatments for couples, single men and women, same-sex couples and visitors from all over the world. We promise to help every patient achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, providing the right treatment at the right time.

The most advanced fertility treatments available

World-renowned for our advanced techniques, our Las Vegas fertility center provides the latest fertility treatments, customized for each individual’s or couple’s unique diagnosis and situation.

As leaders in IVF, we utilize every tool to increase the chances of success, from genetic testing of embryos to advanced embryology approaches such as assisted hatching and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Building on our extensive and growing body of research into the best IVF practices, we continuously achieve extremely high live birth rates while performing almost exclusively single embryo transfers, reducing the odds of high-risk multiple pregnancies.

Accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment

The first step in your personalized fertility treatment plan is extensive fertility testing for both partners. By pinpointing any existing fertility concerns and establishing a baseline understanding of your body’s unique reproductive potential, our reproductive endocrinologists can customize your fertility treatments to achieve maximum results in minimal time.

To learn more about our advanced fertility treatments, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Las Vegas fertility center.