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Extended Culture and Blastocyst Transfer

Once eggs are fertilized, they are grown in special culture media.

Treatment Details

Nationwide, the most common transfers are on day three, but blastocyst (day five) transfers are becoming more popular each year. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas was among the first centers in the world to standardize blastocyst transfer in 1997, and we have performed thousands of blastocyst transfers.  Advantages of blastocyst transfers are:

  • Less guessing – many embryos are genetically flawed and many of those will not form good blastocysts.  Blastocyst transfer avoids the transfer of embryos that can’t reach the blastocyst stage.
  • Removing the “guesswork” means the transferred embryos are more likely to implant.
  • Higher implantation rates mean higher pregnancy rates.
  • Higher implantation rates also mean we don’t need to transfer as many embryos to get a high chance of success.  By transferring fewer embryos, we can reduce the risk of multiple births due to too many embryos implanting.

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