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Care from an expert can make conceiving with erectile dysfunction possible

When it comes to male infertility, many different issues can be responsible. Some of them relate to sperm count, while others relate to the function of the organs that make up the male reproductive system. For example, a man may not be able to reach or maintain an erection. This can be a problem for couples who are trying to have a baby on their own. If you’re in this situation, our Las Vegas infertility specialists want you to know conceiving with erectile dysfunction is possible.

What causes this type of male infertility issue?

Many people don’t realize that having and maintaining an erection is a somewhat complex process. It requires the penis to fill with blood. However, before that can happen, nerve signals need to tell the blood vessels in the penis to expand. This allows the blood to move in. At the same time, other vessels contract to keep the blood in the penis for the duration of the erection.

Because several things need to happen for an erection to occur, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be caused by many things. Here are some of the most common causes of ED.

  • A venous leak can cause the blood vessels in the penis to not hold enough blood to get or maintain an erection. An injury or illness can cause this problem.
  • Problems with the nerve signals can make it more difficult to prompt the blood vessels in the penis to fill with blood. Conditions ranging from diabetes and spinal cord injuries to certain medications can interfere with the nerve signals.
  • All men know that stress can make it harder to perform, which is why depression and anxiety can both contribute to erectile dysfunction.

If you need help conceiving with erectile dysfunction, our Las Vegas infertility specialists will first work to diagnose what’s causing the problem. These tests typically include a medical history, a physical exam and bloodwork.

What are the options for conceiving with erectile dysfunction?

Once our team determines what’s causing the ED, they can create a customized treatment plan to help you bring home a baby. Our Las Vegas infertility specialists often work with other professionals to treat ED.

Here are some common treatments that can help with conceiving with erectile dysfunction.

  • Lifestyle changes like weight loss, smoking cessation and reducing alcohol intake
  • Mental health support to treat stress, anxiety and depression
  • Medications to increase blood flow to the penis
  • Penile prosthetics
  • Fertility treatments like sperm retrieval for IUI or IVF

We understand that experiencing erectile dysfunction can be stressful and embarrassing, but you aren’t alone. Many men have this problem, and with the right support, you can overcome this issue and become a father. If you want to learn more, contact us to schedule an appointment.