The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Some women cannot produce good eggs or cannot produce enough good eggs to have a high chance of success with IVF with their own eggs.

An excellent option for these women is to use eggs from an egg donor, oocyte donor.

Egg Donors

Oocyte donors are young women who choose to provide their eggs so that other women can have children.  In some cases, the egg donor is a family member of the patient, but more often the donor is anonymous.  All egg donors are screened for infectious diseases to reduce the risk that their eggs could transmit a disease to the patient.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas maintains a ready set of anonymous donors so that there is usually no waiting for a patient that needs a donor.

In an egg donor cycle, the donor is stimulated so that they will produce many follicles and many eggs.  The eggs are collected and fertilized, and the best embryos are transferred to the patient.  The two cycles are synchronized so that the embryos are ready for transfer when the patient’s uterus is ready to receive them.  Any viable remaining embryos may be frozen for future use.

Egg donor cycles produce excellent success rates; live birth rates at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas have exceeded national averages for several years.