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Egg donor IVF is a path to parenthood

Ask any parent who has had a baby through egg donor IVF, and you’ll likely hear that their path to pregnancy may have been a little more complicated, but that their precious child was worth every extra step. Our Las Vegas donor egg specialists bring together hopeful parents with women willing to give them the greatest gift possible: The chance to become moms or dads.

In egg donor IVF, individuals or couples choose a young woman to undergo a cycle of IVF and donate her eggs. Sometimes, the egg donor is a friend or family member of the patient, but more often, the donor remains anonymous.

Our Las Vegas fertility specialists frequently perform egg donor IVF for women who are unable to use their own eggs to experience pregnancy and childbirth. It’s also the path to parenthood for many other LGBT and heterosexual individuals and couples, including:

The egg donor IVF process

To make finding an egg donor easy, our Las Vegas fertility center offers an in-house egg donor program with a selection of generous young women who are ready to donate. We carefully screen all donors to rule out any risk of transmitting infectious or genetic diseases.

Once hopeful parents select a donor, she becomes our patient for the duration of her IVF cycle. Based on the results of her fertility testing, our physicians will prescribe medications to prompt her ovaries to produce multiple eggs at once, which we will retrieve and fertilize with sperm from the male partner or a sperm donor.

One of our embryologists freezes the resulting embryos while the hopeful mother or gestational carrier takes medication to prepare her uterus for embryo transfer. Then, our team will thaw and transfer one healthy embryo to the woman’s uterus in hopes of achieving pregnancy.

In the skilled hands of our Las Vegas donor egg specialists, egg donor IVF cycles produce excellent success rates. Our Las Vegas fertility center’s live birth rates for cycles using donor eggs consistently exceed national averages and is ranked among the highest reported in the US.

A beautiful gift

If you need donor eggs to grow your family, our in-house egg donor program makes it fast and easy to find an egg donor who is available and meets your criteria. Thanks to the advanced science of IVF and the incredible gift of donor eggs, our Las Vegas donor egg specialists have helped countless families achieve their family-building goals.

To learn more about egg donor IVF, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Nevada IVF specialists.