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Male diagnosis and treatment: What to expect with semen collection

Semen collection is an appointment for a male patient or partner to provide sperm for use by your Nevada IVF specialist as part of your diagnosis or treatment plan. Whether you are providing a semen specimen for analysis as part of diagnostic testing or as part of fertility treatment, it is helpful to understand what to expect with semen collection.

If you are scheduled for a semen analysis, an andrologist in our laboratory will evaluate your semen parameters.

  • Semen volume
  • Concentration and number of sperm
  • Percentage of the sperm that appear to be swimming forward (motility)
  • Shape and size of the sperm (morphology)

When semen is for treatment, our team processes and washes it for use in either intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

What do I need to know before providing a semen sample?

To get the best specimen, we recommend abstinence from ejaculation for 48 hours prior to your collection, but not more than one week. We discourage the use of most lubricants, as they can damage sperm quality and may provide falsely low results.

You can produce the ejaculated specimen in a designated collection room in our office. You may also collect it at home using a special kit with instructions that you or your partner can pick up in advance from our laboratory.

If you are producing a sample at home, you must bring the specimen to the office within one hour and at the scheduled drop-off time. Men are required to bring a photo ID to this appointment. If you are planning to produce a sample at home and have any questions, you can reach the laboratory staff as early as 7 a.m. on the day that your specimen is to be collected.

Who will handle the semen sample?

The Ovation Fertility laboratory team will provide instructions and perform the processing, analysis and/or preparation. If you are not an established patient with our office, you may also have a brief visit with one of our physicians to collect information about your medical and social background. This helps us gather context for performing the semen analysis.

Are there any side effects?

Sperm collection does not have any major side effects, but it’s not unusual for men to find the process unsettling or stressful. On occasion, men find themselves unable to produce a specimen. Our office pledges to be professional and discreet. Inform one of our laboratory staff if you are having difficulties, as this is not unusual. They can review other collection strategies with you.

What are the next steps after semen collection?

The goal of semen collection is to obtain more information about male factor infertility, or to provide sperm for the next steps in treatment. If the semen sample is to be analyzed, you will be notified of your results either later that day or at the follow-up consultation with your physician.

To learn more about what to expect with semen collection, or to schedule an appointment with a Nevada IVF specialist, contact us.