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The Path SpermQT test offers focused insight into male factor infertility

When you and your partner are trying to have a baby without success, you may need to consider infertility treatment. At our Las Vegas fertility clinic, we recommend a full evaluation of both partners to pinpoint common causes of infertility, including female and male factor infertility. One analysis to explore is a Path SpermQT test, which can provide insight into any potential issues related to your partner’s sperm.

Male factor infertility at a glance

While many people assume infertility just affects women, male factor infertility contributes to about 40 percent of fertility problems. Roughly another 20 percent of cases involve both the male and female partners. Our Las Vegas fertility clinic experts have the medical expertise to diagnose male infertility and then create a customized treatment plan.

Semen analysis vs. a Path SpermQT test

Generally, your physician will begin with a battery of standard tests for both partners. For female patients, we recommend blood tests, a physical exam and ultrasound as a starting point. With male partners, our Las Vegas fertility clinic usually orders a semen analysis, a specific test for male factor infertility designed to look at sperm count, volume, motility, shape and pH levels.

The information gathered from the initial semen analysis offers a good baseline about male fertility. A Path SpermQT test, however, can look inside the sperm to evaluate internal properties and function. This test examines the genetics of the sperm to accurately determine sperm quality.

Breaking down this test

While a semen analysis offers valuable information about sperm quality and quantity, a Path SpermQT test measures the sperm’s ability to locate, bind to, penetrate and fertilize an egg. Additionally, this test assesses the disruption in the DNA patterns of more than 1,200 genes need for proper sperm function.

  • This advanced test can complement the standard semen analysis.
  • Patients looking at intrauterine insemination (IUI), those who have experienced failed IUIs, or anyone diagnosed with unexplained infertility may benefit from this test.
  • This option may identify fertility problems in men that are often missed by standard semen testing.

At our Las Vegas fertility clinic, we have a long history of providing advanced infertility treatments to our patients. Our team is committed to helping our patients achieve their parenthood goals. Contact our office for more information about male factor infertility or the Path SpermQT test.