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Spanish couple’s baby born through international surrogacy

For a couple who has dreamed of having a child together, there is no greater joy than hearing their baby’s first cries and holding their child for the very first time. For Pere & Xavi, a gay couple living in Spain, the journey to finally meet their son through international surrogacy took them across oceans, and required them to entrust their most precious dreams to the care of others. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas could not be prouder that this loving couple chose us to help make their dream of a family come true through IVF in the United States.

Because surrogacy is not permitted in their home country, Pere and Xavi knew they would need to find an egg donor and surrogate abroad. They had friends who were going through the process in countries such as Thailand and Mexico, but they wanted to be sure that their child would be conceived and carried in the most ethical way, with help from a supportive team of caring professionals who would guide them through every step.

Choosing FCLV for international surrogacy

After a single Skype consultation with Bruce Shapiro, M.D., Pere and Xavi knew that they had found the right person to help them have a baby through IVF in the United States. In addition to Dr. Shapiro’s extensive experience and education about the international surrogacy process – and assurances that the Pere and Xavi would be able to bring a baby back home to Spain – the couple had the full resources and support of FCLV’s enthusiastic team on their side.

  • Spanish-speaking IVF case manager to assist at every consultation and answer all questions
  • One of the highest reported success rates in the United States
  • Surrogacy-friendly Nevada state laws
  • In-house donor egg program
  • Network of trusted surrogacy agencies and reproductive attorneys

Though their successful donor egg IVF cycle was completed in 2016, Pere and Xavi still talk about the experience years later with tears of joy and gratitude. To walk in Pere and Xavi’s shoes through the beautiful journey of IVF with a gestational carrier in the United States, watch this video interview with Pere and Xavi.

It takes a village to have a child

Looking back now, Pere and Xavi are grateful that they found the “perfect” fertility specialist to help them bring their son Andreu into the world. If you’d like to learn more about how FCLV supports LGBT parents from all over the world through international surrogacy, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our world-renowned fertility specialists in Las Vegas.