The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

IUI with Donor Sperm and Reciprocal IVF for Lesbian Couples

Parenthood for lesbian couples through IUI with donor sperm

With a focus on openness and inclusivity, our Las Vegas fertility center is a welcoming place for same-sex female couples who are ready to grow their families.

From fertility assessment to intrauterine insemination – also called IUI with donor sperm – we coordinate every aspect of your fertility treatment with one goal in mind: making your dreams of parenthood come true.

IUI with donor sperm: A first-line treatment for female couples

For most lesbian couples, IUI with donor sperm is the first-line treatment to achieve pregnancy. The process is:

  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Choose a sperm donor.
  • Visit our Las Vegas fertility center for fertility testing.
  • Finalize your legal documents.
  • Start medications to begin your IUI cycle.

Some LGBT women come to us with a known donor in mind, such as a friend or family member who has agreed to donate sperm for IUI. In such cases, we provide resources for thorough screening and testing for your sperm donor before your IUI cycle, ensuring safety and verifying that there are no male factors that could compromise his fertility or the success of the treatment.

If you prefer an anonymous sperm donor, our experienced team is happy to help you find resources for donor sperm, and will coordinate shipment and storage of frozen sperm.

Because you are investing time and money to build your family, our Las Vegas Fertility Center maximizes your chances of success by performing a full fertility workup on the partner who hopes to carry the baby, or on both partners if needed.

Should any fertility issues be identified, your fertility specialist will provide expert guidance on the best treatment approach for you and your partner, including in vitro fertilization, or IVF with donor sperm.

Ask us about the opportunity to share in the pregnancy by pursuing reciprocal IVF, in which one partner provides the egg and the other carries the pregnancy.

Make your baby dreams come true

Our inclusive approach to expert fertility care makes our Las Vegas fertility Center an international destination for same-sex couples from all over the world who are seeking to grow their families. We look forward to meeting you and your partner and helping to make your dreams of family a reality.

To learn more about IUI with donor sperm for same-sex female couples or reciprocal IVF, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Las Vegas fertility center.