The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has partnered with Donor Egg Bank, USA, the nation’s only frozen donor egg program to be developed through a collaboration of over 150 reproductive specialists throughout the United States.


Donor Egg Bank USA is a network of the most respected and premier fertility practices located in the United States and Canada. Programs selected to join the Donor Egg Bank USA network have demonstrated good historical quality within the lab, undergone a training process and demonstrated their proficiency to freeze and thaw eggs. Donor Egg Bank USA programs shipped the first egg lot in March of 2012 and have subsequently shipped more than 1000 egg lots within the network laboratories. Donor Egg Bank USA offers only frozen donor eggs. The donors on the website have passed their initial screening which includes: baseline testing, infectious disease testing, psychological screening, drug screening, genetic testing, and a history and physical. Each young lady has finished her injections and has undergone IVF to have her eggs collected and frozen. When an egg donor is available for selection on the website, her eggs are available to be shipped immediately.

All eggs received via the Donor Egg Bank USA network have been cooled utilizing the flash freeze vitrification technique. Vitrification is the new standard for egg freezing in the United States. Unfortunately, not many programs have perfected the skill of egg freezing and even fewer can demonstrate consistent results over time. Donor Egg Bank USA tightly manages quality across the network to ensure very little variability between programs.
Donor Egg Bank USA offers a 100% money back Assured Refund Plan®, in addition to a single cycle option. More than 95% of applicants to the Assured Refund Plan® qualify. The Assured Refund Plan® offers up to 6 cycles of frozen donor egg treatment and any subsequent frozen embryo transfers to help achieve a baby. Should a live born baby not result, then 100% of the plan fee paid to Donor Egg Bank USA is refunded. There are no gimmicks, “surprise” charges or add on costs. The Assured Refund Plan® provides peace of mind not just through the treatment process but all of the way to baby’s delivery.

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