The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Our team stresses the importance of protecting your fertility

Most people visit our Las Vegas fertility specialists when they have trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. Our team offers a variety of fertility treatments and interventions to help overcome both male and female infertility. We also provide information about optimizing and protecting your fertility so that you don’t need to visit The Fertility Center of Las Vegas in the first place.

It’s not always possible to prevent fertility issues, as many patients are born with or develop conditions that can make conception more difficult. However, there are lifestyle changes that you can make today that can protect your reproductive potential.

What are some tips for protecting your fertility?

It turns out that many of the best ways to protect your reproductive potential are also great ways to promote overall health and wellness.

Reach and maintain a normal BMI through diet and exercise. Being overweight or underweight can interfere with natural ovulation. As a result, our Las Vegas fertility specialists recommend eating a nutritious diet filled with fruits, vegetables and healthy foods. We also tell patients that they should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

Practice safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Many patients don’t realize that infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause female infertility. That’s why we stress the importance of always using safe sex practices.

Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol as well as environmental toxins. Cigarette smoking can prematurely age the ovaries, while heavy drinking is tied to an increased risk of ovulation disorders. Additionally, exposure to certain pesticides and solvents can cause fertility issues. For these reasons, our team recommends avoiding cigarettes and these environmental toxins as well as only drinking in moderation or not at all.

You can also consider fertility preservation

No one knows for sure what the future holds, which is why our Las Vegas fertility specialists often recommend fertility preservation. Options like sperm, embryo and egg freezing allow patients to preserve their reproductive materials for future family-building attempts.

We offer oncofertility services to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and want to preserve their fertility before beginning treatment. We also offer egg and embryo freezing to women who want to delay motherhood for any other reason. Fertility preservation is truly one of the best options for protecting your fertility.

If you’d like to learn more about protecting your fertility or pursuing fertility preservation, contact us. We can help you schedule an appointment so that you can get started.