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Which Companies Offer the Best Fertility Benefits

Employer Fertility BenefitsInfertility can be expensive to treat, and unlike many other medical conditions, it’s not always covered by employer insurance plans. For couples that need assisted reproductive technology to have a baby, fertility benefits can mean the difference between fulfilling or giving up on their dreams.

Coverage for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other advanced treatments is especially critical. The cost of medications, services and facilities in just one IVF cycle can often add up to a price tag that’s unattainable for many employees. Thankfully, many employers realize that one way to win employee loyalty is to provide insurance benefits that not only keep them healthy, but that help them grow their families.

Tech Firms Are Fertility Benefits Leaders

According to Fertility IQ’s “Best Companies To Work for as a Fertility Patient: 2016 – 2017 Rankings,” for 80% of patients, employers pay for either all or none of the cost of IVF treatment. But one industry – technology – is raising the bar for fertility benefits, providing better and more inclusive coverage than any other business sector.

While the study identified the best fertility benefits offered in a diverse range of industries, six companies in the top 10 have one thing in common: All are technology companies. Among the top 10, in order, are these tech leaders:

  • Spotify
  • Intel
  • Facebook
  • Wayfair
  • Apple
  • Google

Overall, tech businesses’ fertility benefits are almost 35% better than peer companies in other industries, the study shows. And, tech companies don’t need to be large for their fertility benefits to have a huge impact on their employees’ families. Even some small, private technology companies offer fertility benefits that are on par with tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

While the companies at the head of the pack, across all industries, don’t cap the cost of fertility treatment, many do limit benefits to individuals with an infertility diagnosis. This means that fertility benefits aren’t available to employees who need a fertility specialist because they are same-sex couples or wish to become single parents.

Some technology companies, however, break down such barriers by providing fertility treatment without any such restrictions. This is great news for gay employees who need IVF and a surrogate to have a baby, or for lesbian couples or single moms-to-be who need intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm. Intel, Apple, Facebook and Google were the leaders on this criterion. Some companies, such as Intel, also provide coverage for fertility preservation procedures such as egg freezing, as well as embryo freezing and storage.

Offering fertility benefits to employees is an expensive proposition. For some large companies, it can add millions to the cost of the company’s insurance plans. But for workers who are struggling with infertility or need assisted reproductive technology to build a family, this coverage can literally make their dreams come true. In fact, the Fertility IQ study found that employees whose IVF was covered feel more loyal, and stay in their jobs longer, and 72% credit their jobs for helping them bring their child into the world.

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