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Male Fertility Evaluation Matters

Male fertility evaluation: Men experience fertility issues as well

Male Fertility Evaluation MattersWhen a couple is trying to conceive on their own, but it’s just not working, many women assume that the problem must be their eggs or reproductive system. But for nearly half of the couples our Nevada fertility doctors see, a male factor plays a role in their inability to get pregnant. That’s why male fertility evaluation is just as important as female fertility testing in a couple’s infertility workup.

While a sperm problem might be the sole cause of infertility in about 10% of cases, about 30% of the time, both partners have infertility issues. A thorough evaluation can provide the answers you need to get the right treatment for both of you.

Why a male fertility evaluation is important

As part of your initial fertility workup, expect your Nevada fertility doctors to order male fertility testing for your partner, in addition to your own tests. Together, these combined test results will create a complete picture of all available information to help your fertility specialist target a treatment plan that will be most effective for you and your partner.

To fertilize an egg, a man doesn’t just need to have “enough” sperm. The sperm also have to be normally shaped, able to swim in the correct direction, and not blocked by a structural problem that stops them from getting where they need to go. A semen analysis can provide many of these answers, but this first-line test is just one part of a complete male fertility evaluation.

Your partner will also be asked to provide a complete reproductive and medical history, including:

  • Your attempts to conceive
  • His past fertility status
  • The effect of any childhood illnesses or developmental problems
  • His sexual history, including any sexually transmitted diseases that could affect fertility
  • His lifestyle, including smoking, drug and alcohol use
  • Any past or ongoing exposure to injury, toxins or excessive heat

If a male fertility evaluation has abnormal results, he may need additional testing or a referral to a urologist for further evaluation.

Get answers, get the right treatment

To learn more about a male fertility evaluation as part of a comprehensive fertility workup, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Nevada fertility doctors.

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