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Affordable IVF and Fertility Treatment

It’s impossible to put a price on the joy of becoming a parent. Yet for many people, the cost of infertility treatment – including in vitro fertilization (IVF) – can be a barrier. At our Nevada fertility center, we believe that money should never come between you and your dream of having a child. Through discounts and financial counseling services, we strive to provide affordable IVF and other high-quality fertility treatment that is accessible to everyone.

When you become a patient at our Nevada fertility center, a financial counselor will work with you and your insurance company to evaluate and maximize all available insurance coverage. Because many insurers cover infertility diagnosis, but not treatment, your counselor will also connect you with every available resource and discount for more affordable IVF and treatment.

Affordable IVF for military and reservists

To show our appreciation for the dedication and support of our military and veterans, our Nevada fertility center offers a military discount to provide low-cost, affordable IVF for active or retired U.S. military or reservists. If your insurance does not cover fertility treatment, show your U.S. military identification card and ask for details.

We have also partnered with EMD Serono and its Compassionate Corps Program, which helps us deliver affordable IVF by offering free fertility medications to eligible veterans and veterans’ spouses. Participants must:

  • Be a retired member of the military or the spouse of one
  • Be a veteran or the spouse of a veteran who is:
    • Infertile due to a service-related injury
    • Not privately insured for infertility medications
    • Medically retired
  • Have been diagnosed by a physician as infertile and requiring in vitro fertilization (IVF) or assisted reproductive technology (ART)

Medication discounts

Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, our Nevada fertility center also offers patient discounts on certain medications.

  • Offered in partnership with EMD Serono, the income-based Compassionate Care Program helps uninsured patients overcome financial barriers with affordable IVF medications. Depending on household income, eligible patients may save either 50% or 75% on the self-pay price of medicine, or $10 per unit via mail-in rebate. Eligible medically retired veterans can save 25%, 50% or 75%, depending on income.
  • Offered in partnership with DesignRX®, we also provide medication discounts for uninsured, income-eligible patients through the First Steps Program. Everyone who applies receives some level of discount, and those who qualify based on gross household income or hardship can receive up to 75% off their prescription purchase price on Follistim®, Ganirelix®, and Pregnyl® at participating DesignRx pharmacies.

Please note that these are not insurance programs. While discounts are available for multiple cycles in the same year, patients must reapply for discounts each year. Please follow the links above for full program details.

Let us help make your dream come true

Our finance team is eager to help you take advantage of every discount available for more affordable IVF and treatment, and can direct you to additional resources for financing if necessary. Our job is to lift the financial burden of high-quality fertility treatment, so you can focus on what matters most: building your family.

To learn more about our financial counseling services and available discounts for affordable IVF and infertility treatment, contact our Nevada fertility center.

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