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IVF Success Rates and Choosing a Fertility Specialist

IVF Success Rates in nevada If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people each year who need in vitro fertilization to have a baby, choosing a care team is a big decision. For many patients, IVF success rates are a big factor when choosing a fertility specialist.

Thankfully, most fertility centers’ IVF success rates are available online, for all to see. Our Nevada fertility center reports the combined, overall IVF outcomes of our practice to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), which has tracked such statistics since 1988.

We also compile our data for internal tracking to ensure our quality of care and treatment success is continuously maintained. Each of our skilled physicians use the same methods and share the same IVF laboratory and clinical team – so no matter which specialist you choose at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, you’ll be in very capable hands.

What’s behind our IVF success rates?

Since our founding 28 years ago, our fertility specialists have fine-tuned our highly effective IVF procedures and processes to ensure optimal, consistent treatment for all patients. But there’s more to IVF success than the skills and expertise of the reproductive endocrinologist. It takes an expert care team to make a baby with IVF.

At our Nevada fertility center, our longstanding, full-time biostatistician evaluates the success of our procedures, providing reliable outcomes data while helping us continuously improve our processes and technologies. And, our physicians are assisted by the best in their fields at every step of the IVF process.

Our IVF team includes highly trained embryologists, who work behind the scenes in our IVF laboratory to take care of your most precious assets: your genetic material and embryos.

Their job is to:

  • Prepare sperm for use in IVF
  • Fertilize eggs with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Monitor and evaluate embryos
  • Select the highest quality embryo for transfer
  • Load the transfer catheter with the proper fluid volume surrounding the embryos
  • Examine the catheter to ensure that the embryo was safely delivered to its destination

Consistency is key to success

This trusted team is the same group of experts behind our documented IVF success rates, providing the consistency and quality control on which our Nevada fertility center is proud to stake our reputation.

To learn more about our IVF success rates, contact our Nevada fertility center.

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