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Sharing Oncofertility Options on World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is all about raising awareness and empowering patients

World Cancer Day is all about raising awareness and empowering patients

Most people think of Valentine’s Day when February comes around. However, another important day occurs this month. February 4 is World Cancer Day, which is a time to raise awareness and empower patients facing cancer. Our Las Vegas fertility doctors are doing this by discussing oncofertility options. These fertility preservation options can help patients facing cancer preserve their fertility.

What are the different oncofertility options?

In honor of World Cancer Day, our Las Vegas fertility doctors want to help more people learn about fertility preservation. By freezing eggs, sperm or embryos before beginning cancer treatments, patients can preserve their family-building dreams.

Egg freezing allows a patient with ovaries to freeze their eggs to use during a future IVF cycle. The patient will take fertility medications to stimulate egg growth and development. After a doctor retrieves the eggs, an embryologist will flash-freeze them and place them in frozen storage.

Sperm freezing helps patients with testes preserve sperm for future IUI or IVF cycles. This process requires patients to provide a semen sample. Andrologists in the lab will then prepare and freeze the sample before placing it in frozen storage.

Embryo freezing involves the same steps as egg freezing. However, instead of freezing the eggs, embryologists fertilize them with sperm and then freeze the resulting embryos. A doctor can then transfer one of the thawed embryos to the uterus at a later date.

We also offer third party reproduction options like donor eggs, donor sperm and donor embryos as well as gestational surrogacy. These treatments can help patients who cannot use their own reproductive materials or carry a pregnancy.

Our team helps cancer patients on World Cancer Day and every day

World Cancer Day is an excellent time to raise awareness about oncofertility options. However, our Las Vegas fertility doctors assist patients who are facing cancer every day. We offer expedited appointments to help patients freeze their reproductive materials without causing a substantial delay in their cancer treatment schedule. Contact us to learn more.

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