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IVF Lab Roles – Understanding Who Does What

Our team provides a helpful guide to understand IVF lab roles

Our team provides a helpful guide to understand IVF lab roles

You aren’t alone if your head spins when you hear terms like embryologist and andrologist. Many patients come to The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) and don’t know what these professionals do. Our Las Vegas IVF center wants to help you understand who is taking part in your care. To help, our team has created a guide that explains IVF lab roles.

Exploring different IVF lab roles and titles

There are three main IVF lab roles you’ll likely hear about at our Las Vegas IVF center. These include andrologist, embryologist and geneticist. All these scientific experts work in the lab, but each person has a different role in helping you conceive. Here’s a quick overview of each position.

  • Andrologist. This laboratory professional focuses on the parts of conception that require the sperm. He or she performs semen analyses and prepares sperm for procedures like IUI and IVF. Not only that, this person can freeze sperm for fertility preservation.
  • Embryologist. The person with this role is responsible for tasks related to IVF and fertility preservation. Some examples of these duties include evaluating eggs, overseeing the fertilization process, monitoring embryos, and freezing eggs and embryos.
  • Geneticist. This professional has a specialized role in reproductive medicine. He or she oversees tasks related to the genetic testing of embryos. When you hear about preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), this is the person who conducts the testing.

Our Las Vegas IVF center is grateful for our amazing team in the IVF lab. They ensure that each fertility treatment cycle is a success for our hopeful parents.

How the IVF lab works with our doctors

While our doctors meet with patients and provide direct care, our lab professionals work hard behind the scenes. All the IVF lab roles are equally important and play a critical role in treatment success.

If you have questions about the treatment options at our Las Vegas IVF center, contact us. Our team can walk you through all the options available to you and your family.

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