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Time to Make Fertility Resolutions

The start of 2020 is the perfect time to make fertility resolutions

The start of 2020 is the perfect time to make fertility resolutions

It’s the start of a new year and decade, so why not resolve to take the first step on the path to parenthood? Our Las Vegas fertility clinic team knows that making and sticking to fertility resolutions can help you grow your family. For inspiration, we’ve created a list of suggestions for fertility goals.

What are some good fertility resolutions?

For starters, our Las Vegas fertility clinic team recommends partnering with a fertility doctor if you’re having trouble conceiving. Wondering what this means? You should reach out to fertility specialists if you’ve been unable to conceive after one year of trying. If you’re 35 or over, time is of the essence. As a result, you should schedule a fertility appointment after six months of trying to become pregnant.

Seeing a fertility doctor shouldn’t be your only goal for 2020. Here are some other fertility resolutions that can help you on your journey.

  • Know the facts. Many people feel alone when facing infertility, but 1 in 8 couples will struggle to welcome a baby. It’s also common to feel embarrassed about fertility issues. However, there’s no need to be. Infertility is a common and treatable medical condition that says nothing about your worth as a woman or a
  • Talk about your feelings. In the past, most people didn’t talk about infertility. This led to further feelings of sadness, shame and isolation. We all know that it’s important not to keep our feelings bottled up inside. This is especially true for infertility, so reach out to a trusted friend, loved one or counselor to express what you’re feeling and thinking.

Additionally, it’s easy to get swept up in fertility treatments, but don’t forget to nourish yourself and your relationship with your partner. For self-care, this might involve doing fun and relaxing activities like yoga, going to the movies or getting a massage. As for your partner, remember what brought you together in the first place. Also, try planning a date night to rekindle your passion for each other.

Find a partner in fertility care

The team at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) is here for you year-round to help you achieve your dream of having a healthy baby. We provide world-class fertility care to treat the complex causes of female and male infertility. Contact our Las Vegas fertility clinic to get started with your fertility resolutions.

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