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Who Should Get Ovarian Reserve Testing?

Find out if ovarian reserve testing is right for you

Find out if ovarian reserve testing is right for you

Find out if ovarian reserve testing is right for youIf you’ve ever wondered how fast your biological clock is ticking, there’s a way to find out. Ovarian reserve testing provides information about how many eggs you have left so that you can decide when and how to conceive a child when the time is right.

When women come to us for Las Vegas fertility testing, ovarian reserve testing is one of the first tests we order. This simple blood test measures hormone levels in your blood at a specific point in your cycle, unlocking the mystery of what’s really going on with your egg supply.

Candidates for ovarian reserve testing

Because egg quality and quantity decline the closer you get to menopause, you might think that ovarian reserve testing is just for older women. But the truth is, diminished ovarian reserve can happen at any age, and it’s better to learn about it early if you want to have a baby someday.

For family planning, many women want to learn as much as they can about their current and future fertility. You may wish to get ovarian reserve testing if you:

  • Have reached your 30’s and want to know if you have time to delay motherhood
  • Have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for six months or longer – especially if you’re in your 30’s
  • Are considering preserving your fertility with egg freezing

Ovarian reserve testing is a standard part of our Las Vegas fertility testing for women, as it provides valuable information about the best treatment to overcome any fertility issues that may be discovered.

Women with low egg reserve may need assisted reproductive technology to become pregnant, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). The results will also be used to calibrate your treatment plan and medications, maximizing your chances of success.

Get smart about your fertility

Ovarian reserve testing arms you and your fertility specialist with the information you need to plan your future family. The earlier you can identify issues with your egg supply, the more options you will have when you’re ready to have a baby.

To learn more about ovarian reserve testing and get answers about your fertility, contact us to schedule your Las Vegas fertility testing.

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