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Nevada Surrogacy Laws

Nevada surrogacy laws make the state a great place to be a surrogate

Nevada surrogacy laws make the state a great place for surrogacy

Nevada surrogacy laws make the state a great place to be a surrogateHelping another family realize their dream of having a child is the most rewarding part of becoming a gestational carrier. But thanks to friendly Nevada surrogacy laws, there are many other great reasons to learn more about Las Vegas surrogacy.

The laws of the state in which the baby is born are the laws that will apply to each case of gestational surrogacy. If you live in Nevada and are considering becoming a gestational carrier, or if you are an intended parent seeking the help of a gestational carrier, it’s important to understand how Nevada surrogacy laws provide strong protections for everyone involved.

Carrier-friendly Nevada surrogacy laws

Amended in 2012, Nevada surrogacy laws allow hopeful parents to make legal agreements with a gestational carrier, who will carry the baby for them but will not have any genetic relation to the child. Nevada law is specific about all aspects of surrogacy.

  • A valid contract is required for all gestational carrier arrangements.
  • A gestational carrier cannot be genetically related to the baby she is carrying.
  • Gestational carriers can receive payment or compensation.
  • Intended parents are responsible for all of the carrier’s medical and legal expenses, and any other related expenses that may arise.
  • A pre-birth court order can establish parentage, so no post-birth adoption process is necessary.

Gestational carrier contracts, which are legally enforceable in Nevada, must explain in detail exactly what the carrier’s and intended parents’ rights are. This covers everything from embryo transfer to surrendering custody of the baby after it is born, as well as all other legal and financial aspects of the arrangement.

Under Nevada surrogacy laws, the intended parents are the legal parents of the future child as soon as the contract is signed. The carrier cannot be held responsible for any financial or other obligations, no matter what happens during the pregnancy or with the child.

Nevada surrogacy laws also open up parenthood for more people. Intended parents don’t have to be married or legally registered as domestic partners, and single people who want to become parents can also use a gestational carrier. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter, and intended parents don’t have to be from Nevada. In fact, many travel here from other countries to find a surrogate.

Learn more about becoming a gestational carrier

With Nevada surrogacy laws, both the intended parents and the gestational carrier are required to secure separate lawyers to guide them through the contract process. If the baby will be born in Nevada, be sure to use a Nevada family law attorney who has experience with assisted reproductive technology.

If you’d like to learn more about Nevada surrogacy laws and Las Vegas surrogacy, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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